VICE’s Shane Smith Exposes Why World War III Is Closer Than You Think


https : // Shane Smith , CEO VICE appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast and expressed its concern over the escalation of …


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  1. You don't need spaces before commas and full stops you know…

  2. Well what;s good about fascism then?

  3. AnonymousK says:

    The euro nationalists arent Nazis their just people who want to preserve their own culture and racial identity by kicking ungrateful immigrants out of their countries who refuse to respect their laws and customs and expect handouts.  There's not gonna be another holocaust, just mass deportation.  The only ones who'll killed will be the criminal immigrant gangs that will almost certainly try to resist as well as radical leftist mobs.  From them on only legal immigrants who sign an agreement to respect the native populations laws and customs should be allowed in.

  4. people are still debating the reasons WWII started. You assume one specific reason and develop a theory out of it. You need to open your mind and be more thoughtful than these shitty documentaries man.

  5. "it's exactly the same thing that started WWII…" "the cliche…" you are a cliche

  6. hallibower says:

    World War One started World War Two 

  7. the most paranoid video title in youtube history

  8. also Britain is in the eu. do you know why we're not 'fucked'? because were not lazy bent, corrupt fuckers

  9. Dhugon says:

    So many people fingerpointing the cause of all evil should try and understand the message here.

  10. Ben Paul says:

    maybe taken out of context a bit and exaggerated ofcourse, but what he is saying is really true! its scary but its not gonna start a wwIII, the part about war is really true.. its not to be glorified! he's been there! he's seen it!  

  11. ALI GGG says:

    i hope people understand . i appreciate your concern. 

  12. Igwe Ogba says:

    this is excellent

  13. dfikgjdflk says:

    first of all, front national is not fascist in any way shape or form
    second, golden dawn failed
    third, the socialist government in france is a total failure, not because of where it stands on the political spectrum, because where this party stands is "we'll take the american cock as deep as possible", they don't care about the interest of the french people and the country france
    immigration is a serious issue and it's unacceptable to see hundred of thousands of foreigners come into the country when it's impossible to accommodate all of them

    i wish the "progressive" people would fuck off, they don't know how to run a country

  14. sean reidy says:

    Powerful Shane Smith

  15. Powerful Shane Motherfucking Smith! Peace!

  16. European here, something worth mentioning is that Communist Parties now are extremely different from what they were 80 years ago. All the big Communist/Marxist Parties (PCF, Die Linke, KPD, KPÖ, Sinistra, Podemos, etc) have renounced Stalinism and any form of Autocracy in favor of Democracy. 

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