Video: 9/11 was Inside Job!


Very important clips. Please show everyone you know, I think it’s hard to keep from tears watching this. 9/11 was an inside job. But worse than 3000 people dying on that day is hundreds of thousands because ignorant Americans think terrorism is from the Middle East – it comes mainly from our own country. (Same goes for the UK, Britan; RIP 7/7) – Alex James

Iraq Veteran Exposes The Genocide in Iraq and the Hoax of the War on 9/11 Terror


1 DAY BEFORE 911 WTC attack! DO you know what happened? WATCH!


The most dangerous 911 video ever!!

George Bush worst Freudian Slip in history on TV! must see!

Bill Clinton confronted about Building 7


World War 3 Is Coming!


Rumsfeld Calls for New 9/11 On Leaked Tapes!!!


9/11 Inside Job – The Most Damning Evidence Lies Yet!


US MARINES in Iraq Real Footage Warning Graphic


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  1. H. Maryam Islam says:

    Sheesh! And yet we Muslims are informed that we’re the terrorists…Propaganda is a powerful tool. Repeat a lie several times, and you begin to be convinced of it’s truth yourself .

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