Video: Camp FEMA – Obama Youth Army

Camp FEMA – Obama Youth Army

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  1. Sharon says:

    This is abomination! We dont need hitler youth! It will be stopped

  2. jakiya says:

    how do i be able to join the boyscout group camp fema because im intrested i love police like things and army things please give me information on how to join

  3. Mr Frost says:

    Fascism, it’s not just about singling out a small group, it’s about creating a large minority to control. The poor and soon to be poor.

  4. brutalbrital says:

    this happened before in history , one man vowed to rid his country of terror, he asked his people to serve, he formed a youth group to help the government rid itself of terrorists……….His name was ADOLF HITLER…………..

  5. sparks says:

    Now that is sheer lunacy and way too scary…………….

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