Video: CNN Guest Interrupted By Israeli Air Strike


Bombing settles argument on disproportionate aggression

Paul Joseph Watson

A shocking video from CNN shows a Palestinian in Gaza being interrupted by an Israeli air strike during a live interview.


The segment entitled ‘Living in the Conflict Zone’ involved a debate between Gaza resident Mohammed Sulaiman and Israeli Nissim Nahoom.

Nahoom argues that civilians in Gaza and Israeli cities like his home town of Ashkelon, a target of Hamas missile attacks, are experiencing the same fears but that the situation is worse because Palestinian attacks are designed to “hurt as many civilians as possible”.

The background noise of bombings can be heard throughout the interview, but at the 2:53 mark a huge explosion is heard which makes Sulaiman flinch, and in turn pretty much destroys Nahoom’s argument that the suffering of Israelis and Palestinians is comparable in any way.

“Sorry, carry on with you question,” remarks Sulaiman as further huge explosions are heard.

“You can hear everything,” he adds as the sound of the air strikes outside drowns out the sound of his voice.

When asked what the noise was, Sulaiman replies, “These are Israeli war planes bombing the Gaza Strip,” adding, “I’m not going to allow these bombs to interrupt me from having this debate with you and your guest.”

However, before he is able to finish his point, Sulaiman recoils as a mammoth explosion shakes his house and sounds of screaming are heard in the background. The CNN anchor later confirms that Sulaiman is OK.

Although the indiscriminate firing of rockets from Gaza into Israeli cities has been rightly condemned, any debate about who is living under the most terror is clearly a moot point just by looking at the numbers.

During the last conflict between Gaza and Israel in 2008/2009, over 1400 Palestinians, many of them women and children, were killed by Israeli air strikes. In comparison, 13 Israelis were killed, four of which were due to friendly fire.

This month’s attacks have produced similar figures – three Israelis killed compared to at least 82 Palestinians and more than 680 injured since Wednesday last week.

Deaths on both sides are deplorable, but when Palestinians are being killed at a ratio of 100 to one, only an idiot or a liar could still believe the propaganda that Israel is merely “defending itself against terrorists,” when the Zionist state is clearly engaging in massacres by relentlessly bombing densely populated areas.

However, the ludicrous notion that Israel’s aggression is proportionate has been upheld by none other than Barack Obama, who today stated that the United States is, “Fully supportive of Israel’s right to defend itself from missiles landing on people’s homes.”

The video below illustrates the kind of firepower Israel is raining down on citizens of Gaza, which the IDF claims is “pinpoint” and “clinical”.


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  1. william f mcdonaghIII says:

    9-11 was a zionist coup

  2. Stan Sikorski says:

    Jews are disgusting creatures that lie like a rug. I hope they soon pay completely for their thuggery.

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