Video: Cops Ran Over Cyclist Twice, Arrested Him As He Lay Dying



Police in Quebec are investigating a brutal case in which witnesses claim that police officers trying to stop a bicyclist accidentally ran over the man twice and then handcuffed the bicyclist as he lay dying on the pavement.  On Wednesday, 48-year-old Guy Blouin died from injuries he suffered after he was run over by a police cruiser. Witnesses say police went to pull Blouin over for bicycling down the wrong way on a one-way street. As they attempted to pull him over, they accidentally ran him over.

 Video Cops Ran Over Cyclist Twice, Arrested Him As He Lay Dying

“He went under the wheels,” a witness told the Toronto Sun. Then the cruiser shifted into drive and accidentally ran over the man again. “For an entire 15 seconds, he was under the tire in a fetal position,” another witness told Radio-Canada. Witnesses say the man was lying on the ground spitting up blood and yelling “I’m hurt.” Rather than aid the man, police pinned him against the ground and told him he was under arrest even though he hadn’t committed an arrestable offense in the first place.

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  1. Brett says:

    People should realize, the police of this world are under Satan´s power. These are bad people who thrive on committing evil deeds.

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