Video: False Flag Attack in Mumbai & Hindu Terrorism


Webster Tarplay in studio at Alex Jones TV, talking about the Mumbai false flag attacks, the growing threat of Hindu Terrorism and RAND Corporation’s recent proposal for the Pentagon to start a new major war in an attempt to stimulate the American economy and prevent a recession.


Talking of Hindu Terrorism, here’s a report on how money, food and alcohol are being offered by Hindu extremist groups to people willing to murder Christians and destroy their homes.

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  1. Jayagrawal says:

    Did you know that over the past 14 years 54,969 Indians have been killed by Indian militants? Incredible. That translates into roughly 4,000 Indians getting killed per year by India’s own militant entities. Did you know that of the 608 districts in India at least 231 districts are “currently afflicted, at differing intensities, by various insurgent and terrorist movements?” Incredible. And, that translates into roughly 40 per cent of the entire country being afflicted with some kind of militancy.

    Did you know that RDX that killed 68 Samjhauta Express passengers was stolen from the Indian army by Indian army’s Lt-Col Shrikant Purohit (RDX is explosive nitroamine used by militaries around the world)? Incredible. In 1985, National Security Guards or ‘Black Cats’ was formed to respond to terrorist activities. Do you know where the ‘Black Cats’ were on the night of November 26? Well, Black Cats were on VIP security duties. Sounds just like Pakistan, doesn’t it? Guess who was arrested by India’s Anti-Terror Squad (ATS) after a series of bomb blasts that killed 37 people in Malegaon (290 kilometres from Mumbai). It was Indian army’s Lt Col Purohit. Do you know that the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) had accepted responsibility for the 2008 Ahmedabad bombing, the 2008 Japipur bombing and the 2008 Delhi bombing?

    Clearly, the incidence of corruption within the Indian army is high. Clearly, the Intelligence Bureau (IB) is in a coma, RAW was caught snoring, the Joint Intelligence Committee has been caught sleeping and the Joint Cipher Bureau was nabbed napping.

    Did you know that India suffers a $100 billion trade deficit? Did you know that this year the Bombay Stock Exchange has come down from 21,000 points to around 8,000; a loss of 60 per cent? Did you know that India is heavily dependent on foreign direct investment (FDI) to fill its external deficit?

    These are all facts. Three more facts: one, the Indian State of Mizoram goes to polls on December 2. Two, the Indian State of Rajasthan goes to polls on December 4. Three, India must call general elections by April 2009. Now let us move to perceptions. The overwhelming perception, not just in India but around the world, is that there was some Pakistani connection to the Mumbai tragedy. The Indian National Congress (INC) has a serious political need to retaliate. And, India’s national security apparatus would want to make sure that the Mumbai mishap is not repeated. At the same time, it is not in the interest of America’s ‘war on terror’ that Pakistan’s attention is diverted from FATA to the eastern border.

    Intelligence Bureau (IB), India’s internal intelligence agency, has already identified 270 home-grown militant entities operating within India. India’s militants are out of control. So are Pakistan’s.

    The Indian army has absolutely no surgical strike capability and a very limited inventory of infrared-guided or laser-guided ‘smart bombs’ or precision guided munitions. Introducing combat projectiles (BM-30 Smerchs with a firing range of 90km, for instance), heavy munitions, BrahMos cruise missiles (from Brahmaputra of India and Moskva river of Russia) or Indian Air Force’s (IAF) Jaguar IS, MiG-27s or Sukhoi Su-30s, ground attack aircraft, would achieve no national security objective — and may in effect prove counterproductive. The INC is therefore using the US to pressurise Pakistan into producing substance that is politically sellable to voters in Delhi. The Pakistan army is already heavily burdened by battles in Bajaur, Swat, FATA and frequent drone attacks. Can it realistically afford to open up additional fronts?

    Why is there a global perception that there was some Pakistani connection to the Mumbai tragedy? We must indeed be doing something wrong. Ronald Reagan used jihadis to defeat Russia. George Bush used the Northern Alliance to bring down the Taliban. India uses the Balochistan Liberation Army and the Baloch Students Organisation.


  2. Pure Sham says:

    For the past many months, the world’s eyes were focused towards the horrendous developing situation in India, wherein a serving Lieutenant General was charged guilty of massacre against both Hindus and Muslims in the “Samjhauta (Friendship) Express” train in which countless people were burnt alive in their cottages before reaching Pakistan from India. . His name was Lt. Col. Purohit, who was later on reported to have also supplied RDX chemical explosives to Hindu extremists to carry out their attacks.

    But then after a few days, suddenly there appear ten “Pakistani” individuals (mostly young) who run about the vicinity of Mumbai wreaking havoc and carnage wherever they go. The Indian media, though know for its objective and straightforward reporting, for the first time showing irresponsibility pointed the finger straight towards Pakistan and its nationals. This has never happened before.

    Some of the notable events and occurrences that are indeed questionable during all these tensions include:

    * How did “people who sailed from Karachi” come to know about the exact whereabouts of the city and especially the layout of the hotel premises? Employees of the Taj Hotel have said that the way in which the terrorists rioted through the whole building was amazing. One of them even said that “They know the place better than us or for that matter, even the Manager himself!”
    * Pictures of one of the attackers in a black T-shirt and grey jeans have been spread over the internet. Even the Associated Press managed to capture a picture, which also clearly shows that the attacker had been wearing an orange-colored male bangle in his left arm. Many Hindu religious sources including Wikipedia clearly say that such bangles are worn by far-right Hindus (too conservative) on their right arms (by males) and left arms (by females).. Similar orange bangles were also worn by Hindu extremists when they were openly slaughtering Muslims in Gujarat and Christians in Orissa. Some religious sources say that the wearing of these bangles signify the “good-luck charm for the fulfillment of any religious undertaking”. Sort of like a “Hindu jihad”, if I were to basically put it that way. The question is: Why would a “fundamentalist Muslim” who is willing to “wage war against the infidels” wear a bangle that purely represents extremist Hindu ideology and beliefs?
    * Immediately reports came in the Indian media that the “Deccan Mujahideen” claimed responsibility for the attacks”. If that were the case, then we all know that Deccan is the provincial capital of Hyderabad, not the Hyderabad in Pakistan but the one in India! Furthermore, authentic investigative and intelligence-briefed findings show that there is no such “jihadi” organization by this name, which furthermore proves that this was another hoax.
    * One Indian channel went as far as broadcasting “real time videos” of a particular “Rehman chacha” (Rehman uncle) hailing from Faridkot district, Pakistan. Reportedly, the attackers had called him from their SIMs and taken further instructions… This is indeed appaludable, for one of the largest news channels in Pakistan, Express News, did extensive thorough findings in search of this person and found out there wasn’t anyone with such a name who ever belonged to Faridkot.
    * The Indian Govt. then again changed her statement and said it was a particular “Amir Jamal” from Faridkot. Again, the Express News team went on research and found out that this very man had died 3 years ago! His own kin related the event to the news team.
    * And again… now the Indian Govt. says it was a particular “Amir Kasab”… we’ll see what develops regarding another sham like this.
    * Some sources revealed on Pakistani media that they were “surprised” at they themselves not knowing of the fact that during all the tragedy in Mumbai, the Jewish settlement at ‘Nariman House’ was also loaded with MI5, Mossad and FBI agents. Furthermore, a handful of CIA agents were also among those dead at the Taj Hotel and were also present at the Oberoi Palace. As we move on, we came to know that the international Jewish terror organization “Chabad Lubavitch”, was also based at Nariman House. The question is: What were the reasons and circumstances under which agents of the MI5, Mossad, FBI, CIA and Chabad Lubavitch were resident in India? Are the Israelis who lived there in that much need of security?
    * The next day, the beneficiaries of all these events, the Hindu right-wing extremist parties such as the BJP, RSS, Vishwa Prashad, etc. get more active in fostering anti-Pakistan, anti-Muslim sentiments among Hindu nationals. The BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) played the forefront role, it even had highly-sentimental nationalistic and anti-Pakistan, anti-Muslim statements and banners printed in various leading Indian newspapers and magazines. All this seems to have benefited them a lot. Obviously, the Indian media and the Global Eye before was focused towards some of their members infiltrating the Indian Army’s hierarchy and infusing racist ideologies in them. They got the perfect chance to “turn the tables over”.
    * India pinpointed names of 3 terrorists to the Pakistan Govt. The names were of “Tiger” Memon (Mushtaq Abdur Razzaq Memon), Daud Ibrahim and Mas’oud Azhar. The former two are themselves Indian nationals, it is senseless to claim that they “perpetrated these acts from Pakistan” when the ISI and Govt. have repeatedly said they are not here. Mas’oud Azhar is a religious activist from Bahawalpur who is accredited for the establishment of the jihadi organization “Jaish e Muhammad”.
    * The American Govt. then, as expected, showed sympathy for the Indian Govt. and has recently sent a list of “terrorists” to be reviewed and approved by the U.N. Security Council. Among the names are 4 of the top-ranking former Director Generals of the ISI (Pakistan). And most notable among them is Lt. Gen. (R) Hameed Gul. The purpose and intent is obvious: The Zionists and Neocons in the American Govt. along with their Hindu counterparts want to corner and malign Pakistan’s ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) from all sides. In a half-hour exclusive interview to Geo News’ program “Crisis Cell” dated Nov. 4, 2008, Hameed Gul said that the reason the American Govt. and India is behind him is because he always spoke out in advance about the recent upcoming plans of Zionists and Indian Govt. against Pakistan. The question: Hameed Gul was a good friend of Milt Bearden of CIA and had good communication with the American Govt. (in cooperative terms) during his serving tenure, then why is he being blamed also? I hint its because of him being a devoted Muslim who believes in the policies of “true Islamic jihad” and who is known to be quite indulged in religion. He is known to support the just and true Islamic government that was just being formed by the genuine Taliban before it got purposely and timingly demolished by the U.S. Hameed Gul has also repeatedly spoken in detail about the various covert/overt plots that India’s R.A.W. and Israel’s Mossad are churning up in collaboration with each other. Is this a plot to silence him up?
    * Now during all this mayhem, the Zionists wage their propaganda in line with what they used to threaten the Iranian Govt. Issues are being raised whether Pakistan’s nuclear assets are safe or not. To this, one of Pakistan’s top nuclear scientists, Dr. Samar Mubarakmand, replied that indeed Pakistan’s assets are 100% safe by the Grace of Allah and can never be detonated accidentally, as they are protected by a very complex secret code. This shows how the Indian Govt. and the American Zionists are propagandizing against Pakistan.
    * On December 5, 2008, Russia and India signed a “Joint Nuclear Cooperation Treaty”. PM Manmohan Singh of India had this to say (basic excerpts):

    “Russia and India will work together to bring forth an International Order… we shall work together in (nuclear) research and development”

    Indian Media reported the first of these steps involved Russia setting-up a nuclear power plant in Tamil Nadu.

    One wonders: Why all this now? Was it pre-planned? It seems so. But we still don’t know.

    One thing we are sure of is that this time, for real and directly head-on, the Zionists en par with their Indian counterparts including Israelis at the background are very desperate to malign, destabilize and eventually ‘abolish’ the ISI. Which, Insha’Allah, they never can.

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