Video: For Those Who Don’t Believe In The Illuminati Dajjal – See It And Weep


The first gentleman in this video giving his report to UK Parliament is now dead, and this video was recorded on November 1st, just 21 days ago.


Info: Lord James of Blackheath describes a Private “Foundation” which has more money than all the governments of the world put together. This “Foundation X” willing to bail out the world “for nothing”. What a lovely sounding old Lord this man is BUT is he seriously this naive?

Nevertheless, why is all this so top secret if it is a real, honest offer by a Private Group of people who should never have achieved such an amount of money in the first place (for what I hope are obvious reasons). Further, if such a Foundation exists (which it certainly seems to) then they can only have gained this amount of wealth over a very significant period of time (thinking in decades to centuries here) and it will have been, without a shadow of a doubt, ill-gotten. So the question is: Why don’t we simply hold a gun at their heads fully loaded and say “Hand it over! What’s preventing you?” Because if they need to talk to a Head of state before they do it then there must simply be conditions.

And lastly, WHO are these top 6 people of the world? You may say “it said top 6 security clearance” but so what? How many nations are there? So HOW can there be only 6 people with a Worldwide top security clearance? From what nations and what has security got to do with it? Probably very much the same as what the Official Secrets Act has to do with the Bank of England eh?

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  1. Ld Elon says:

    The thing is though Richard, everybody wants to be the Almighty God, instead of being the child of God.
    Or wanting to be the child of God without knowing or going through the path in which the child of God is of recognition.
    Im not talking about the doctrinated terror they call the book.
    So you see there, ther is an issue.
    None can follow one, all can follow each other, thats what the choice is for, to determine the science of what is..
    plus, all from then were created, so cannot be the creator, as of being created.
    But one can be in the recognition of God by excepting the rights of a child to a parent.
    im not religious btw, but iam aware of my spiritual intent..

  2. Richard Sievert says:

    with that i can create a design on our planet that angels will fashion themselves to If you don’t they will make you and it will just take me longer and many innocent people will die!

  3. Richard Sievert says:

    ‘time is running out!’ I need ten billion dollars’ NOW!’

  4. Richard Sievert says:

    I said enough for now!

  5. Richard Sievert says:

    I know secrets to our own stupid system designed by this great being we call god and in it the answers to the problems even gravity the things all science wants so they can control our world but if science does not change than i will have no choice but to ruin all science to redo it all without harming everyone just displacement threw revelations and angels who are prepared to fight for us!

  6. Richard Sievert says:

    adam was so beautiful that Satan was jealous Adam could self create he had children I am a part of adams children I have the tree of life lawrence and I know things that the living do not know! Satan had planned to trick god before the garden because he was jellies of adam! ‘And said adam are you loonily! ‘Causing a division in heaven! So god made women and not just in adam all life was given a mate! the mind of god is like a razor it cuts everything!

  7. Richard Sievert says:

    The dead judge the living!

  8. Richard Sievert says:

    I am alive

  9. Richard Sievert says:

    “Tick Tock Angel Clock’

  10. Richard Sievert says:

    The reason I did not meet you at the park is because you do not believe, ‘Christ had wise men that believed and helped him ‘I want wise men to believe me! If not soon the world will be paired! And all evil men will have there gold sealed into a tomb of there own moneys design!

  11. ali says:

    ohh it wasnt lord james that had died rather the ffirst man, mr storey

  12. ali says:

    hi, is he really not alive, i can not find any info on his death, please state source of his demise…

  13. Richard Sievert says:

    I am here Please don’t think you are beyond great things all of you The truth to this mans claims are valid I need that money to fix America and rebuild our world I have secrets inside a part of my mind that can never be stolen never be water boarded and never be taken by any man! And I will not share if my demands are not made! Hear is the beginning of my demand! I will show the answers to many things if this is started not in tell only after because it is the way it was decided by heaven!’Science does not protect there women!’ as it is we are not protected the terrorists go get there weapons directly from a sub that sent a scuba supply to shore if parachutes are not installed in planes you will never be safe ! (((((EVER))))
    EVER Up 2000 feet in the sky your all idiots for flying!Threw ground roads’ Yes people ‘It is the path our current roads are on you just dig them out. ‘Ok it’s already state property so you use it to build up the state threw the ground there are resources gold silver iron and we could use all of it to pay the debts completely off in America than you pressurize them and water goes out you do this by simply applying a roof over them and you use the pressure to drive the water out then you install pumps to regulate the water first the foundation of a house has to be first made before the house. ‘Than you start your design with a pressurized pathway ‘Placing mirrors onto the walls your roof would reflect light to the walls and you would not even know that you where threw the ground! ‘You could use air to move things around fast 4000 miles and hour! and beyond you could power each city with solar abilities just like on the roof of a house only this would be the cover of the threw ground roads! part one^”Part two would be so that trains could also use this great force and no more children would have to die on the tracks! no more freeway accidents and you could travail faster than planes threw the ground!Is that clear enough for you! Also it would give a safe place for everyone to go everywhere if there was ever a national threat! and a quick way to evacuate them all as it is look at, ‘Catrina it would all be worse than that if another catastrophe hit! Now I am not one to stand on railroad tracks to prove my point, so how can I do this how do I get threw to you people work is what we need!Pilots have parachutes in jet fighters right? ‘Is our public so expendable that you cannot give them a seat also with one. ‘All they would need to do is have the roof ‘Open, ‘And shoot everyone safely away from the plane, ‘Up straight up and the shut would open just like the air force jet pilots, ‘Which in some cases are going mach ten no commercial airliner can do mach ten ‘Ok and the frightening experience would be better than death, ‘For any and all people so yea if you wonder why I use the population control catch, well they just don’t think your worth the dime. I do!or you can just all pave paradise and forget my plan and give everything away on our above ground of hate if that’s your choice no un patrolled roads where police lie in wait to ‘Entrap even there own children, and yourselves for there own security plan! ‘I want a new one we have been running of this old warn out system way to long people ‘You “Truckers I need you we have ten trillion tones, of threw ground dirt to move! “So lets start those end loaders skidders and haulers It’s time to give america a make over!stick sub machine guns in towers and if they ever do that again just chain link the plane to pieces it’s better than two innocent deaths ! And start building planes with remote control seats with shuts that way if the terrorist gets a plane fine eject the passengers and let the sucker go down in flames! equipped with it’s own detonation button!’I am tired of science and stinking rotten banks that finance ignorant projects!if not mans writen word can make a living system that does not replace the peoples value with thing’s than the chalis of light will equalibram was created with numbers but with certain variables that cannot be figured without words also. And idea to itself is not great without everything else around it. My new system the chalice of light will be a reference for other worlds this current system in america is not safe for our people and it is a self destructing system as InsuranceInsurance is a scam people are killing others to collect they are wrecking there cars and burning down there homes to collect! Insurance is a crime you cannot insure safety in life home auto or self without causing death! ‘Because there are evil people that will not play fair! If you gave a return they wouldn’t have a reason to cheat there just being like there providers criminals all of them!

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