Video: Iran President Ahmadinejad tells unvarnished truth on 9/11 inside job at U.N. speech, U.S. delegate walks out


President Ahmadinejad does not disappoint as he expounds on how U.S. government (he refers to Neocon cabal who envisioned “Project for the New American Century”) facilitated the inside job of 9/11 with his reference to “terrorist group,” which is Mossad.


As usual, the self-serving cowards walk out because they cannot handle the truth thrown at them for good measure.

It is the U.S. government (Bush Administration under behind-the-curtain control of Neocon thug Dick Cheney and FBI) that covered up the crime of the century that led to the protracted “War on Terror,” which is all bullshit to begin with.

9/11 is the ultimate catalyst for the artificial change in Middle East and Central Asia geopolitics, as well as the facilitation of Orwellian oppressive atmosphere & abrogation of constitutionally-protected human rights at home and abroad in North America, Great Britain, etc — meddlesome power, oil, petrocurrency domination, private contracting and defense industry’s enrichment, and extension of Israel’s influence.


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  1. MartinTimothy says:

    Ahmadinejad’s was a kinda limp wristed approach, considering the warlike noises that are being directed at his country, by the very same elements that committed the crimes of 911 in the first place.

    His overlong intro with unnecessary quotations from the Koran and references to the Prophet and his family, is blasphemous in the light of his refusal to “cast truth at falsehood,” as he is, like all Moslems commanded by Allah, as per the following instruction in the Koran.

    In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

    We cast the truth against the falsehood, so that it breaks its head, and it vanishes, and woe unto you for what you describe.

    The Koran: Chapter 21 The Prophets, verse 18.

    His silence and lack of effort indicts him, not only as a false Moslem, but also as an integral part of the Zionist plan, it would have been small beer for him to have requested Tehran University to produce a scholarly account, that takes all of the evidence into account, including missile strikes at both the Pentagon, and at the WTC.

    He should be ranting and roaring to the high heavens that it was a Zionist plot, like the Holocaust was, like both world wars and the activities of Hitler, Napoleon Bonapart and Oliver Cromwell, that Julius Caesar had a similar modus operandi as the last two, so there is every reason to believe that he too was a tool of the Jews!

  2. James says:

    There is a hell of a lot of hate speech in the above posts. I’m all for speaking your mind, especially if you think you have something that needs to be said, but please, don’t lump all Christians and Jews into the same category. I’m a Christian and I have never agreed with the Iraq war (Which we shouldn’t even call it that, it should be known as the Occupation of Iraq), the fact that western media will only televise injustices commited by muslim while ignoring the same (sometimes worse) injustices that Israel commits. I don’t agree with that. Don’t mark me as one of those bastards just because I’m a Christian.

    Any time the subject is brought up, I attempt to enlighten whoever I’m speaking to. I do have to say, just as most Westerners fail to undestand the Middle East, I feel that the Middle East also fails to understand the West. To claim that we killed our own people is so absolutely against what America stands for (America, not the American government), you should not be suprised that Americans were disgusted to hear that.

    Also, honestly, there isn’t much evidence to support the ‘inside job’ theory. It’s just simple facts. If something came to light, that would clear it up, that’s one thing, but as the facts stand, it is simply more likely that it was not an inside job. That’s not to say it wasn’t, just that it isn’t as likely as the alternative.

    That being said, It’s no different than the Middle East’s inability to accept the things it has done wrong. Every religion in this conflict (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) needs to learn more about the others. We all suffer from a gross lack of knowledge.

    I do not submit to one denomination. I do not submit to politics. I do not submit to money. I do not submit to men. I only submit to the lord God. As a religious person, I do have to say that I admire Muslim’s for the devotion. It seems like even non practicing Muslims have their religion ingrained in them, which is a beautiful thing.

    Also, you have to understand that there is a growing understanding in the West that a terrorist is not the same thing is a freedom fighter, or soldier, or a resistance fighter. We know the occupation of Iraq is wrong. We also know that war crimes are commit. It’s now the job of the few that know this to educate the rest of the West that doesn’t know.

  3. sam says:

    Turkman, please get educated. don’t be such a bitch.

  4. spsyed says:

    Who benefits from terrorism? Fabricated fears, and fantasies, for financial gains. Analyse the motives and follow the money…

    “The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear” is a three part documentary (180mins) written and produced by Adam Curtis for BBC TV UK in 2004 . It is a long title for the documentary on fabricated fears for financial gains. The documentary tries to explore the origins in the 1940s and 1950s the rise of “Islamic” fundamentalism (western mass media terminology) in the Middle East; (Jewish-Christian Neoconservatism, terminology never used by western mass media) in America; parallels between two the movements, and their impact around the world. The 2004 documentary was still to be televised in the USA (2010).

    As always expected from predictable western mass media outfits, the BBC gives credence to 9/11 lies. Billions dont expect global mass media outfits to expose those who benefit from terrorism, investigate motives, and follow the money trails. Those who live in denial will continue to dismiss their lies and fabrications as conspiracy theory!

    The documentary would help understand how US-UK criminal forces remain responsible for the use of, and even involvement in, endless false flags, terrorism, mass murders, genocides, racism, hate and Islamophobia around the world.

    With many basic factual omissions, “The Power of Nightmares” fails to show how well funded, organised and armed with nuclear weapons of mass destruction, the Jewish-Christian criminals fabricate pretexts; murder their own citizens (9/11); subvert Western democracies, justice and foreign policies; fool global mass media groups; impose and sustain despots around the world. The criminals go on to “believe” their own lies, propaganda and fictional fantasies in corrupt and rotten political systems for financial gains in their own countries and around the world.

    “Al Qaeda” myths were creatively fabricated by Jewish-Christian neocons in January 2001 when George W Bush became US president. The creative criminal fabrications are used for the benefit of right wingers (including Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Pearle, Paul Wolfowitz, etc). They also help subvert/circumvent laws to justify more foreign adventures; impose wars, invade, occupy, disarm, impose and sustain despotic puppets and rob oil-gas producing countries.

    Jewish-Christian neoconservatives fabricate flimsy evidence against Muslims they continue to capture, torture and murder in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other “Islamic” states. They use tourist and home video clips, photographs, maps and cosmetics to subvert justice and to convict Muslims in kangaroo courts. Such basic key facts are simply ignored or dismissed by western mass media outfits, including the BBC, Fox News, CNN, Sky News, Star News, etc. Just like the neocons, the media outfits also advocate a fear and hatred against Muslims, and Islam. They also play their full part in inciting hate crimes and violence against Muslims.

    Americans don’t know much about religion: According to survey/report (Tue 28 Sept 2010), more than 50% of American Protestants and Roman Catholics don’t know much about Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Other Christian factions scored better in the PEW survey. The US is one of the most religious countries in the developed world, especially compared to largely secular Western Europe, but faith leaders/educators have long lamented that Americans still know relatively little about religion…

    Despite tens of omissions to protect the neocons interests, “The Power of Nightmares” is a lesson in how to dismiss the impact of Jewish-Christian Neoconservatives fantasies and lies that make millions of non-Muslims study and convert to Islam as they learn about examples of tolerance, peace, patience, justice and compassion while persevering and doing ‘Jihad’ for what is right only through just, fair and righteous ways (not criminal acts). Seven billions must wait to see the BBC join Robert Fisk, John Pilger, Alex Jones and Michael Moore to help expose the criminal western lies, fantasies and the endless Christian-Jewish crusade against Muslims and Islam. Curtis had nothing to say about the key issue of Jewish and business control of American society. The neocons are dismissed as ‘harmless’ fanatical ideologues, with no mention of their roots in Israel, the business community or their furtherance of vested corporate and religious interests. See the ten minute video informational summary on the subject .

  5. I followed the entire UN session and saw our western heroes running out of the room like headless chicken when iranian president started talking truth the way he percieves truth. A diplomatic response in a UN session in such a manner aint only a shame for the UN itself but a certificate of being represened by useless false bastards ourselves. May everybody think he wishes to think about Iran but a UN sessions is made to clarify and to meet a respectful international frame. The permanent false attacks and acusations Iran got to stand aint good enough to allow a harsh word from Iran itself? What shit club is that UN anyway? Sorry, I am mad about this.

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