Video: Is Obama to face regime change in US?


Members of US Congress are taking President Barack Obama to Federal court on charges of violating the US constitution on Libya.

Press TV talks with Jeff Steinberg, Executive Intelligence Review in Washington, who says Obama is in “bad shape” from obsessively trying to please the Saudis and Israelis to ensure his reelection. Following is a transcript of the interview.

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Press TV: A White House spokesperson has said that [Syrian] President [Bashar] Assad has to lead a democratic transition or get out of the way. What do you make of the tone the White House is taking on the Syrian leadership?

Jeff Steinberg: I think the White House is in a desperate flight forward for the simple reason that President Obama himself may be facing constitutional regime change.

He violated Article 1 Section 8 of the US constitution by refusing to go to Congress for authorization to go to war in Libya after the sixty day deadline passed and he’s adamantly insisted that the ongoing military operations by NATO and the US in Libya is something that doesn’t rise to the threshold of military combat.

A bipartisan group of members of Congress have taken him to Federal Court and there are many people saying that he has committed impeachable offenses. So, I think the president is in a psychological flight forward.

Why on the very day that President Assad laid out an ambitious public reform plan should the White House come in and start talking about regime change.

Give the guy a chance to demonstrate that he’s serious about these reforms. There have been a number of changes in the law; the Syrian government has ended the emergency rule; they say they are going to disband the security court and revert purely to civil court; and they’re talking about allowing new political parties to come into existence.

So, it seems to me that there’s a real double standard here. We tried to get Saudi Arabia to take some of these steps and the Saudi Arabians shot us down and said adamantly “No” and yet we don’t hear a peep about regime change in Saudi Arabia.

It’s a very self-serving and double standard policy and I would not be surprised if there is regime change by constitutional means in Washington before there’s any change in the regime other than reform of the system in Syria.

Press TV: Turkey has warned Assad that he has less than a week to start implementing those reforms or face foreign intervention. In the face of the Russian opposition to the UN resolution against Syria – What is the likelihood of military action in Syria?

Jeff Steinberg: I think it’s near zero. It’s important to recall that Turkey just completed a cycle of parliamentary elections where [Turkish] Prime Minister [Recep Tayyip] Erdogan has been reelected to an unprecedented third term and there was an emissary from Syria in Istanbul over the past 48 hours so I think we may very well see a shift back towards a more cooperative relationship to Turkey and Damascus, particularly if the Syrians promised reforms this could move forward on a fairly rapid basis. My understanding is that is where this thing is headed in Syria. And so I think a couple of weeks from now we’ll be talking about a rather different situation.

Press TV: What about the double standards toward Bahrain and the political reform that is needed there compared to the strategy the US has toward Syria?

Jeff Steinberg: Syria doesn’t have a large reserve of oil. The US does have a double standard. Back about six or eight months ago we tried to encourage the Saudis to institute political reforms there. We supported the idea of a move towards a constitutional form of monarchy in Bahrain and even in Jordan and we got very serious pushback from the Saudis who really don’t want a momentum to be built up towards reforming these military or monarchist regimes throughout the Persian Gulf area and quite frankly the US, under threats and pressure from Riyadh, decided to back down.

And so it looks bad that we were pushed around by Saudi Arabia and so now instead the administration is trying to show its credentials as tough guys by picking on Syria at exactly the moment that the Syrians have been engaged in promising reform.

They’ve created this group of one hundred opposition leaders to be in a dialog with the president and I know that that dialog is already underway both inside Syria and among the Syrian community with the diplomatic representatives in Europe and in the US and elsewhere.

So, this I think is a political grandstand based on the fact that Obama took a very weak position and backed down in the face of Saudi opposition and the US was desperate to make concessions to the Saudis so they would expand oil production and drive down the price of oil.

Remember that President Obama is in full scale reelection mode and the thing that will kill his reelection chances are if oil prices are up over 150 or 200 dollars a barrel. If you have hyperinflation in the US; if official unemployment is over nine or ten percent; this is the political kiss of death for the Obama presidency.

So, he’s not going to take a tough stand on Saudi Arabia; he wants Israeli lobby money so he’s not going to take a tough stand on Israel. So, basically he’s looking for some case where he can scapegoat somebody for his own weakness and for the fact that there’s now bipartisan accusation that he himself has committee impeachable acts by refusing to go to Congress for authorization to continue the Libya operation.

He’s in bad shape so he’s flailing out and Syria is the obvious target for all kinds of reasons. For one thing both the Saudis and the Israelis don’t like the Assad regime so it’s a perfect way to appease both Riyadh and Tel Aviv to take a tough stand against Syria where it is at this point frankly not warranted.


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  1. refuse2lose says:

    Don’t believe anyone who says Obama will be impeached. Our assortment of gutless and paid-off politicians will blow this off just like they blew off Obama chairing a session of the UN….. and interfering in the Kenyan elections….. and everything else he has done.

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