Video: Merry Satanic Xmas from MTV


This video was playing on MTV a couple of years ago during the holidays. I guess its supposed to be a bunch of funny random events. But if you scrutinize each scene in this short video, many dark occult elements come out.


I did not make this video and, from my research, “Masonic” doesn’t automatically equal “Satanic” (it’s way more complex than that), but the video does a good job explaining the symbols in the weird MTV commercial.

And what about this video?


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  1. GARY says:

    Thanks for this wonderful post! I really can’t belive it’s almost Christmas. Sants and cookies here I come!

  2. mayko says:

    Thanks for sharing
    I love Christmas XMas and New year Festival, It’s a time of happiness

  3. geoffrey says:

    pig pen the song comes to an end with the words never shall we die

  4. Thats a weird video, I don’t know why MTV would release something like that, its more like a thing for halloween 🙂

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