Video: Reasons and Facts Why People Know 9/11 was an Inside Job


Must Must watch this British video on 9/11 Inside Job: reasons and facts why people know it was an inside job



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  1. Thomas Inman, LLB, PhD says:

    Any “matchbook lawyer” understands the hierarchy of evidence, the least credible being “unsubstantiated evidence,” including stories, name-dropping, hearsay interviews, etc. For example, actual photographs, legitimate documents from vetted sources, affidavits, depositions and a myriad of like sources can now be computer doctored. So, what and whom do we believe? Seek out opposing viewpoints, sadly trusting few and always finding verification from distant sources. As I am inclined to believe anyone ab initio, I seek verification outside the Media, through face-to-face conversation. As described by one psychobabbler, one’s motive is either for approval or control.

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