Video: Solid Proof Obama’s ‘Birth Certificate’ Is A Fake – Watch


This video proves the purported long form birth certificate produced on April 27, 2001 is a fake. It has multiple layers. Just download a copy and open it in Adobe Illustrator. They should have flattened the document.

You can get a copy of the document with the layers (assuming they haven’t already flattened it) from:…

You can download a free trial version of Adobe Illustrator from:

NOTE: If you can’t find the layers, it may be because the whitehouse fixed the problem. You can get a version from 4/27/11 by going to



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  1. says:

    you voted for him its your fault. so stop crying yall. you just wanted to make history and you failed so blam your self if you dont want to be under him then move out to mexico or somewhere out side of america. then come back when he is out of the house.

  2. Stoso says:

    Counter evidence has appeared to dispute the claims that the birth certificate is fake. I’m no expert, but they have presented some good arguments:

  3. John says:

    If you listening closley to backround when this guy is talking, you can hear his grandma caliing him upstairs for dinner.

  4. Abaddon says:

    When you have a guy who is half black and half white, maybe Christian, maybe Muslim, maybe a cocaine user, maybe not. maybe homosexual, maybe not. Definately a puppet, definately a liar, trained by the political Al Capone mob from Chicago. Is it any wonder that everything about this guy is highly suspect?
    Talk about putting a crook in charge of the checkout, this guy has his finger on the nuclear button.

  5. tank says:

    I offer to your attention a film about six priorities of the generalized instruments of management by countries and people of Earth.
    Six Principles of Global Manipulation

  6. skai says:

    Not only have we got a fake birth certificate ,but fake President too. Good help us all. now see

  7. Jacqueline Whittig says:

    This birth certificate is going to get around to everyone, and they are going to see, it is a fraud. When they downloaded the birth certificate, there was nine layers of it. Where it had been changed, messed with, and I hope you can find this video, because it shows you step by step. At one time, when they took out all the words that had been redone, there was nothing there. I am on a website called Pakalert Press. I am shocked and amazed that he got this far with it. I think it is disrespectful that Mrs. Obama wears shorts. It is like they are changing everything. They were on Oprah, and she is very pretty, but tuck the dress in like Oprah had hers. I think she likes the attention, and will do anything to get it. But that is not what this is about. This is about the birth certificate being a fraud. If it is a fraud, and there were nine copies, what does that say for our President? I hope before you judge me, you get a chance to see them reading the birth certificate. Shameful.

  8. richard dutton says:

    What is so important that everyone keeps dwelling on his birth certificate? The law says that if a person is born to a married couple, and one of those persons is a natural citizen, and had lived in the USA for 10 yrs. the child is a citizen! Stop all this KKK bull sh–!

  9. the problem is not with fake US presidents but with the once financing for decades already fake US presidents (non of them by heard have been true americans!), water boys to corporate business. And off course with the stupid voters, brainwashed and divided by anger, fear and status and guided by the missuse of christian terms. halelujah long live USA and its fotocopies across Europe and Southamerica

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