Video: Strange Energy Build Up: HAARP Magnetometer Readings September–What Does It Mean?


This is exactly the same as the massive chemtrailing that happened the days preceding both the Christchurch and Fukushima earthquakes…..I have recorded both and actually felt the strange energy…a lot of days I feel like I’m having heart problems even though I keep fit…do Yoga everyday…play football…go swimming…these nwo scum are out of the f**king minds…. a long with a lot of their mindless helpers….the get along gang of death….. The perceptive man is weak in that he fears what lurks in the shadows. Therefore, hide in plain sight. If you cannot lie to them, confuse them, if you cannot confuse them; take to their throat like dogs. Illuminati Quote Just asking GLP if anyone residing in Manhattan/Staten Island/Brooklyn area heard any thunder/loud explosions/Fireworks etc last nite around 11:40PM Saturday nite. Last Nite (sic). It was unusual for fireworks at this time especially there were no flashes of light if they were fireworks. There were no clouds whatsoever outside last nite and it was very clear, there was no lightning to accommodate this thunder type sound. Could this have been an energy storm coming in from the cosmos? It lasted for at least a half hr. It was very weird and many of my neighbors came out of there homes to listen as to what it may have been. LMK Another quote from the same thread: “YES! I heard the same thunder and started a thread today as well. Neighbor heard it as well. I called the Advance and no help there. I’m …


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  1. Puerto Rico says:

    Guys you should include colonialism in your agenda. There was a study dated back to 1976 that states that electromagnetism affects the embryo. I can’t remember the author. Since then all mayor structures of HAARP have been placed near populations that are not white. Alaska Esquimos, Puerto Ricans, etc. In Puerto Rico they have the following weapons: Pico del Este, USAF, the brain of the satellite structure, An antenna system at Fort Allen, Juana Diaz, is a Hjgh Altitude Airship equipped with Evolutionary Aerospace Global Laser Engagement, EAGLE,
    There is the Arecibo Ionospheric Observatory, National Atmospheric and Ionospheric Center, NAIC. (www.naic,edu) Arecibo is equipped with the Tesla death ray and you could see it in the picture of the site. It has a 40,000 MHz output in 2 channels that related to Patent 6,580,498 B1 (mar 22. 2005) and Patent 4.686,605 can buidup a zillionary weapon of mass destruction. There is a gas pipeline proposed for Puerto Rico which would connect to Route 651 which ends at the Arecibo Observatory.

    WE petition your support opposing it;s development.

    TThere is The Ramey Ground Based Solar Project located in Aguadilla, for which Dr. Rosalie Bertell, its scientific in charge, requested that never be placed on ground for it’s capability to create havock. She was fired from NASA. There is the Navy Aguada Unit, NAU, that serves as ELF, VLF radiator for the project Sleight of HAND, which stands for High Altitude Nuclear Detonation which has been operating in Puerto Rico to save the satellites that cross the radiation belts contaminated with nuclear waste product of the Argus experiment in 1958. See Herman Hoerlin, “United States High Altitude Experiences” report to Los Alamos, and see the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency’s budget for february 2005 at pages 253 to 254 at Also see the paper presented to the Decolonization Committee of the United Nations in 2010 which denounces genocide against us Puerto Ricans. decolonization
    There is a Report to Congress by Tony Tether, dated in March 29 2006, Subcommittee on Terrorism, Unconventional Threats and Capabilities, House Armed Sevices Committee. US House of Representatives that informs that Sleight of HAND is taking place, but it does not say it is in Puerto Rico. I afirm it is in Puerto Rico.

    There are in Puerto Rico EGHELON which stands for controlling all the planets communications, including this one and there are several Radar Over the Horizon, ROTH placed at Vieques, Salinas, etc. among other “arquitectures” that serve as ground radars such as mosquitoes in the Arecibo Highway, giant letters everywhere and animals.
    I know that you are honest people wigh stand for peace. Please study these waepons and lets build an anti nuclear movement to save the planet. Aleida

    • Puerto Rico says:

      Hi. Could it be modified in the translation? If it is posible please, see below
      Line 1 (one) – delete “con los que”.
      3rd line delete “alcalde de”.
      4th- add a space and a dot between “etc” and “Puerto Rico”.
      5th- add the words “sistema de” after “el cerebro de la estructura del”
      6th line- add a dot after the word “satélite” and the word “Otro” before “un sistema” The word “un” should be removed. It should read “Otro sistema”.
      7th line= there should be no translation for “Evolutionary Aerospace Global Laser Engagement, EAGLE” the same in the 9th line for National Atmospheric and Ionosphere Center, NAIC.
      11th delete “se podia”; add “pueden”
      12th delete “de la”
      13th delete “buidup” add “desarrollar”
      16th Substitute the whole line with “Sometemos una petición para que se opongan a su construcción”

      Line 17- Please do not translate “The Ramey Solar Ground Based Project”

      Line 18- Dr. Rosalie Bertell is a female. The correct preposition in spanish is “la”. Please delete “el” twice and add “la” before the name.

      Line 19 – at the third sentence of the line delete “No es” and start the sentence with “La”

      Line 20- Please do not translate Sleight of HAND, SOH. It looses its meaning. The word “radiador” should be rearranged and moved to before “ELF” and delete “de la presdigitación” and leave the name in English “Sleight of HAND, SOH” and continue the sentence with “que significa…”

      Line 30 – The name of the Director of DARPA is Tony Tether. It shouldn’t be translated. Also it should be kept in English the name of the Committee at the House of Representatives. This entity belongs to the USA goverment. Its name has no translation.

      Line 33- Delete AFIRM and add “afirmo que”

      Line 35- at the end of the sentence delete “de los” and add “del”

      Line 36- Delete the “s” to “planetas”

      Line 40- delete “wigh” and add “y”. Please correct the word “weapons” and in the spanish version substitute with ‘armas”

      I’m very, very, very gratefull for your support. Bless you and your work.

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