Trunews discuss the coming devaluation of the U.S. Dollar and the collapse of the Euro currency marked for an April 2011 time frame.This was confirmed by Pastor Lindsey Williams , the dollar is going to crash one hundred per cent it cannot sustain itself and it is going to collapse , the Euro will also collapse even before the dollar….


Fractional´╗┐ Reserve Banking and International overstretch is the root of the banking crash.

Rolling thee two ideas back is the way out of this´╗┐ crisis.

… but then again, the root out of this is the NWO to nobble the NWO and all it’s proponents is to stop it happening again.

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  1. Amy Rue Judgment Day BDay baby says:

    You all sund like idiots.
    We the PEOPLE are the ones that put a price, a nuimber, a value on everything. We made the decision when it came down to putting a worth on gold and jewles, gems and land. Now the price that we put o everything is what is going to kill us. What we decided is the value of all that is valueable is going to put us under? We the American people? We progress every year into a better mind state a more advanced knowlage of life and acceptance. We are an advancing life form that is forever moving forward and yet we will let the value of a peice of paper bring us down? Our entire nation is baised on an Idea of growth and progress. Well its time to progress. There has to be away around the already established moey system.

  2. Naseem says:

    Its 100% true as the saying of Last Prophet (Pbuh) that world will collapse and time has come. Ur hunger of oil lead u to conquer Iraq,Kuwait and now Libya. Killing of millions of muslims will pay u in destruction sooner.

  3. niternat says:

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  4. Pastor Lindsey Williams should establish his credentials .. his forecast collapse of the Euro currency fails to adequately explain the machinations of the Jews.

    The 2004 revelation that bullion stocks from Fort Knox in the US, that were taken as payment by China were found to be gold plated tungsten, should have crashed the currency markets world wide!

    It remains a tribute to the Jewish press that silenced naysayers and soothed the misgivings of more astute investors, that banking infrastructure continued trading in worthless currency world wide.

    While the planned “Super Crash” based on the 1920’s German hyper inflationary model, whence it cost billions of Deutschmarks for a postage stamp remains in the offing, it heralded the rise of Orthodox Jew Adolph Hitler, who the media wing of the same Zionist banking cartel labeled as a “Savior.”

    Who immediately waged war against everyone he could, whose combined effort reduced the German nation and ppl to ash before he lit out for Argentina in 1945.

    The Zionists that control politics world wide, who are establishing false revolution in Egypt based on model that put Napoleon into power in France in 1792, and that put a succession of Jews and Jew sponsored thugs into high office in Russia, after the similarly false revolution there in 1917!

    The Holodomor and the Holocaust went on soon after .. the FEMA camps are open. while Jew Michael Chertoff is the most powerful man in America, who can give orders under emergency protocols, that could put African mercenaries with arrest warrants into every white home in America!

  5. john says:

    Why is only 14min of the file posted? Please post the complete file or give us the download link please?

    • dreamlander says:

      Click the You Tube button at the lower right corner of the video frame.
      This will transfer you to the You Tube page hosting the first (of four) clips.
      The links to clips 2, 3 and 4 are located at the top right corner of the same You Tube page.

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