Video: The Hidden Reality – A Must Watch


A series exploring the hidden reality that pulls the strings to influence daily life and examination of our basic human structure,compiling clips of other documentary’s into the ultimate mash up of info. Special Thanks to the creators of the Arrivals series and others who helped inspire this and make it possible.

Hidden Reality pt1 (Attack from within)


Hidden reality pt 2 (Elements of the System)


Hidden Reality pt3 (Fragments of truth)


Hidden Reality pt 4 ( Connected kosmic energy )


Hidden reality pt 5 ( Hollywood and the occult )


Hidden Reality pt 6 ( Hollywood and the occult )


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  1. amy says:

    where can i find another site to see this? none of them are playing due to being taken off for copyright infringement….

  2. Mehreen says:

    Part 5 is not playing…….they must’ve banned/removed it….

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