Video: Time Traveler With Cell Phone In 1928 Film?


NEW YORK (CBS) Irish filmmaker George Clarke thinks he has spotted something unusual — a woman talking on a cell phone in a 1928 Charlie Chaplin film.

The clip, which was found in the DVD extras of “The Circus,” shows a behind-the-scenes look at  people attending the film premiere at Manns Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

In one of the scenes a woman in a dark coat is seen walking in the background and holding a thin, black object next to her left ear.

[Watch the clip below]

When the footage is put into slow motion and zoomed-in, the woman appears to be “talking” into the device.

Stumped for an explanation, Clarke thinks the only plausible theory is that the woman is a time traveler.

Check out his video below and let us know what you think.


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  1. eddie says:

    Going off the size of the feet, the walk and the face it’s obviously a bloke. Probably some transvestite trying to walk past without being recognised, and hiding its face, and in the end bollocking the cameraman for keeping him in the picture.

  2. Zaher says:

    I think this was made in the age of cellphones .. it can be a fabricated video about Chaplin 😉

  3. r0nan says:

    1928 Time Traveler on Cell Phone-
    The women is fixing her earring and telling her husband to slow down and wait. What are ya daft mate? Send me some of that Irish green you fellas have at yellow fever productions.

  4. EUbrainwashing says:

    Stupid. If this was a mobile phone and she was a time traveller where would the relay/transmitters and the hardware infrastructure be and who would she be talking to; another time traveller with their phone too? Far more probable is this is a visitor from another planet – get with the action. They love to put in cameo roles to famous productions – that is the game. Or more probable still is this is just some old girl muttering to herself with her hand to her head. This lad George must have a lot of free time. Why does he not take up fishing (or knitting perhaps).

  5. Archie1954 says:

    I have reviewed the film several times and I must admit that Mr. Clark’e explanation is compelling. I can’t imagine what else it could be. The “woman” looks more like a man to me, a rugged face for sure. I don’t know if there is enough movement of the lips to have a lip reader look at them and see what the person is saying but it sure would be interesting.

  6. Steve Speier says:

    Although time travel may be possible. It seems more feasible it is a man acting a woman’s part and the director chose to have the actor carry a Western Electric Model 34A “Audiphone” Carbon Hearing Aid to hide the masculine properties of the actor while allowing him to verbally interact with any queues on the set during the take of a MUTE film! ANY device would be held (with knuckles bent in a similar fashion). Also noting men have played women’s parts for 1000’s of years. Tesla still rocks!

    See also –

  7. Now: would she/he do that, wile knowing you’re filmed by Chaplin?


  8. nedkelly23 says:

    This is stupid….and which operator is providing the mobile coverage to this lady?? Vodafone??
    If she or he travelled to the past i.e. 1928, did she also invented a mobile phone that will connect her back to 2010.

  9. wax says:

    this shit freaks me out

  10. mmg says:

    That is interesting.
    While I’m skeptic about time travel,
    this is pretty awesome. Weird.

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