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December 8, 2008


More than half a million jobs were lost in the US in November, the largest loss in a single month since 1974. Though initially the announcement had a negative effect on the markets, by the end of the day Wall Street again forgot about the little guy, the Dow closed up 260 points. The more than 1.2 million jobs lost over the past 3 months, and the 11th straight month of job losses, bring the unemployment rate to 6.7 per cent, the highest in 15 years. Also this week the Department of Agriculture released figures that show food stamp beneficiaries increased by 17 percent in the past year. That’s more than 31.6 million or 1 out of every 10 people in the US receiving food stamps or taking part in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. TRNN spoke to Dedrick Muhammad of the Institute for Policy Studies. Muhammad says that 6.7 percent is not the true unemployment number because it does not include the underemployed and those who have stopped looking for work. Muhammad also says that the bailout is a “trickle down” bailout, that by giving money to the wealthiest institutions somehow this is supposed to help the middle class and working class.

Fred Thompson on the Economy


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  1. Project says:

    To put this in perspective, that this is not just happenstance, but premeditation, please see:

    Press Release This may be a psy-op! Response to Wayne Madsen’s ‘FEMA sources confirm coming martial law’ October 09, 2008


    [Thursday, October 09, 2008, 9:00 PM] WMR issued a warning on October 09, 2008 that has mushroomed like a lethal virus all across the internet, titled: ‘FEMA sources confirm coming martial law’.

    Project Humanbeingsfirst responds: It’s not time yet. This is likely a psy-op!

    But surely, Martial Law is indeed the prelude to endgame, for precipitating the North American Union and crashing the dollar to create a new currency, Amero.

    It has been a long time in coming, since the very day of infamy. All preparations have always been in place for it since before that day. Only the laws needed to be changed, and the public primed. Over the past 7 years, that has steadily been accomplished, one baby-step at a time. All in the name of “war on terror”.

    Incredible. One turban-clad barefoot terrorist in the Hindu Kush, armed with a cellphone, has brought the mighty sole superpower to its knees single-handed!

    Here we speak of that overt form of Martial Law in which the Continuity of Government is formally engaged, and the Constitution is formally suspended.

    The scenarios outlined in the WMR are likely correct when that does transpire. But at this time, this is, in all likelihood, fear-mongering for a deliberate purpose.

    See Project Humanbeingsfirst report, October 03, 2008: Why Bluff Martial Law? ( )

    In Project Humanbeingsfirst’s perspective, these, like the fear-mongering earlier in the Congress, are feelers and psy-ops to pre-condition the public mind.

    If instead of following each falling leaf of the tree, one remained focussed on the DNA of the tree, one would be able to tell, with a modicum of forensic analysis and thinking, what are puppetshows, and what are the next scenes in them.

    And like in a chessgame – whether or not it’s on the Grand Chessboard – a pre-planned move cannot be made until it’s time, nor can it be made before other moves have been completed. If those moves are prematurely forced, they lose impact, quite possibly, all efficacy.

    In the geopolitical space, many things remain undone. Sufficient priming in Central Asia hasn’t happened. See for instance Georgia-Russia: It’s a Classic Brzezinski Project!

    In the domestic space, still many things remain undone. The primary among them being, the United States persons are still gainfully employed, still comfortable, and still un-perturbed – despite whatever economic crisis has transpired in the past month. This is fleshed out in Why Bluff Martial Law?

    Unless Project Humanbeingsfirst’s reading of the tea leaves is entirely out of whack, a far more intense depression and disillusionment of the peoples is required so that they will not ‘unnecessarily’ fight back with any efficacy – before Martial Law is actually engaged. It’s primary purpose would be to cement the NAU and to default on the dollar. Without Martial Law, this appears impossible.

    The heads-up warning by Wayne Madsen puts the cart and the horse in the wrong order. It makes it all look like reaction to happenstance.

    Whereas it is not happenstance, but “devilishly” manufactured to produce precisely a pre-planned outcome.

    And therefore, this reported leak of FEMA preparing for imminent Martial Law, appears to be the pre-conditioning of the populace – a calculated psyop by the hectoring hegemons upon their own peoples!

    The real reason for both the premature economic collapse fear-mongering and the bugaboo of Martial Law appears to be buried in the fact of the matter argued in the following report Global authority can fill financial vacuum.

    Jeffrey Garten, professor of international trade and finance at the Yale School of Management, on September 25, 2008, writes in the Financial Times:

    “Even if the US’s massive financial rescue operation succeeds, it should be followed by something even more far-reaching – the establishment of a Global Monetary Authority to oversee markets that have become borderless.”

    “Washington recognises that the crisis has become global. Hank Paulson, Treasury secretary, has said that foreign banks operating in the US will be eligible for federal assistance and he is urging other nations to fashion their own bail-out programmes. Central banks have also been synchronising injections of funds into markets. These should be steps to a more comprehensive international response designed not just to extinguish the current fires, but to rebuild and maintain the capital markets for the longer term.”

    “The current global institutional apparatus is woefully incapable of overseeing the financial system that is evolving. The International Monetary Fund is irrelevant to this crisis, the Group of Seven leading industrial countries lacks legitimacy in a world where China, Brazil and others are big players, and the Bank for International Settlement has no operational role. The US Federal Reserve is too besieged to act as a global central bank. That vacuum at the centre is dangerous for everyone.”

    That is the actual un-subtle point which is being driven home – to demonstrate to the world that indeed: “That vacuum at the centre is dangerous for everyone.” It isn’t enough that the United States people are enslaved in debt to ostensibly pay for Wall Street “mistakes”. The canvas is all the world’s peoples, as the professor from Yale notes: “Hank Paulson, Treasury secretary, … is urging other nations to fashion their own bail-out programmes.”

    And we see how all the Central Banks in the world, under the coordination of BIS, demonstrated yesterday how that global authority could work to stabilize a global monetary system if formalized in more formal authoritative structures, headlined Fed slashes interest rates, but stocks lose again.

    Jeannine Aversa, AP Economics Writer, on October 08, 2008, stated:

    “In a rare coordinated move, the Federal Reserve and other major central banks from around the world slashed interest rates Wednesday to prevent a mushrooming financial crisis from becoming a global economic meltdown.”

    “Central banks in England, China, Canada, Sweden and Switzerland and the European Central Bank also cut rates after a series of high-stakes phone calls over several days between Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and his counterparts.”

    Similarly, other piece-meal baby-steps are being achieved through the combination of these psy-ops and manufactured crises – each of which brings the world a step closer to the endgame! Many of these were already simulated 8 years ago, in the year 2000, as disclosed in this report by Richard Freeman, dated July 28, 2000, and titled: Exposed! CFR Bankers Plan for Financial Crash

    In that report too, its author has mixed up the cart and the horse. It is strange that this article presents the secretive CFR simulations of the global financial collapse, as if the economic downturn wasn’t in fact orchestrated by the banksters for the devious purpose of deliberate crisis creation.

    One notices that even the maverick Republican Congressman from Texas, the honorable Ron Paul, in his many pronouncements of his aversion to the $700 billion bailout package, also implies that this isn’t deliberate, or that Paulson/Bernanke aren’t necessarily evil and merely only don’t understand the complexity of the market.

    Is this laughable? At this link, there are many interviews with Ron Paul, and he is even asked in one of them, that this economic crisis looks awfully deliberate. And Ron Paul tactfully dodges that question.


    Please stop panicking and prancing about on these contrived weekly puppetshows, and instead focus on the grotesque reality that is being systematically conjured up by the puppetmasters while the distinguished leaders of America and the world just passively watch.

    A wise and courageous peoples might prepare for that imminent reality today.

    There is still a narrow window of opportunity. By acting astutely right now, such pending criminal reality may yet be indefinitely postponed, and even altered altogether. Is there no one in all the world who can make certain truthful proclamations?

    Please see Project Humanbeingsfirst’s letter to the United States Congress on how they, with a modicum of courage, can still powerfully alter the endgame. They will surely find, the good peoples of the United States, and the world, behind them.

    Thank you.


    End Excerpt

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