Video: Unidentified Object Near Sun – Is It Feeding Off The Sun ?


There is a black spherical anomaly on the south east limb of the sun and for now nobody seems to know what this is. Will update as soon as we figure this one out.



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  1. Vic Conway says:

    Saturday, March 17th, 2,012.

    The anomalous object near sun is either Nibiru, Flagship of The Galactic Federation’s Fleet, OR Big Red, a planet captured from Sirius B! Coming ALMOST straight for us!! Should pass VERY closely by around 21/22 December, 2012. As with Lemuria(Mu), Atlantis and Poseidon, should JUST ABOUT wipe out ALL life on The Earth. Probability about 100%. Expect CONTINENTS to sink into ocean. New continents to come up from OCEAN FLOOR!!

    Big Red is 5 times the size of The Earth. About 22 times as MASSIVE. Galactic TIDES,ETC. to cause TERRIBLE trouble.

    Chance of survival is very low. In any case would be better to die – so AWFUL will it be!!

    Nibiru is Planet X. Big Red is Planet Xl. Both are approaching us. Big Red to end this civilization, Arya. Nibiru to save the best half of us.

    A third cataclysm is possible – when Earth,Sun and The Great Dark Rift at The Centre of The Milky-Way Galaxy line up.

    And a fourth(cataclysm) when Nature and Mankind re-act to The Age of Aquariius.

    All of this is beginning RIGHT NOW!!

    I expect Antarctica to slide into the sea. Ex The Wobble of The Earth’s Centrifugal Force.

    2,3 or 4 CATACLYSMS to occur, STARTING this year(2,012.A.D!). This is THE TERRIBLE YEAR of THE LORD. THE EVENT!! THIS could be THE GREAT TRIBULATION!!(Though many prophecied yet unfulfilled!)

    Probability of death FOR EVERY LIVING CREATURE ON EARTH is about 90 to 100 %!

    Have you got that? It IS coming(up)(FAST!!).

    Note: It is not JUST Big Red, which Nibiru is coming to save us from. But The Wobble of The Earth’s CATACLYSM, as well!!

    The CRUST of The Earth started to slide about a year back. Remembe when sun rising and setting too far to side? And Moon looking queer.(Due to the VERY START of The Crustal Displacement. Note, not axial extra tilt(YET!!)!!

    I believe CRUSTAL DISPLACEMENT will resum again AT ANY TIME!!

    It should be THE WORST TIME EVER(past AND FUTURE!!)!!!!(For ALL life on Planet Earth!!)

    You are BEING WARNED!!

    You HAVE been told!!


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