VIDEO – Watch what brought Miracle Baby back to life after being pronounced dead!

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The birth of a child is by far one of the most remarkable events and memory for parents. So one can certainly imagine the pain and anguish that two brand new parents felt when they were told by their doctors that one of their newborn twins was born dead. So according to Opposing Views the beginning of a miracle was beginning to happen for Kate and David Ogg of Australia.

VIDEO – Watch what brought Miracle Baby back to life after being pronounced dead!

Kate had carried the two twins for 27 weeks so when she went into labor at 27 weeks her doctors informed her and her husband David that their son was born clinically dead. Instead of letting the doctors take the dead baby away, the mom and dad insisted that they wanted to spend time with their dead son.

As the dead baby lay on his mom’s bare chest the mom and dad spent time saying goodbye to him over the two hours. Yet, the miracle of miracles occurred as the dead baby lay there. He began to show amazing signs of life as his little lungs began to suck in life giving air.

Then to the amazement of the nurses and Jaime’s parents he opened his tiny eyes and proof of life leaped from him and caused the parents to gasp with total delight. The doctors rushed into the room and saw the miracle of life in the breathing child and one doctor remarked, that the baby’s survival, “was nothing short of a miracle,” reported Opposing Views.

The two twins are now four years old and doing great. When Jaime asks his parents which of the twins are older, him or his sister Kate, they reply,” “Technically, you’re two minutes older,” said Kate, “but Emily’s been alive longer,” according to Opposing Views.


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  1. 5WarVeteran says:

    Pretty sad when doctors give up and the parents prove them wrong. But then 277 thousand people in America die every year due to Doctor screw ups. Another 800 thousand are maimed or injured.
    But 13,000 deaths from handguns in the hands of criminals is a problem?

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