Video: Why Are American Voters So Uninformed?



The sad fact is that it appears completely rational to be ignorant about politics. The cost of being an ‘informed’ voter – as opposed to a bigotted closed-minded ignoramus – is high, from the time spent following (and interpreting) the news in the paper, online, and on the television. As the following clip notes, “becoming an informed voter is competing with a lot of other needs in your life,” from American Idol watching to eating Cheetos in the bath. Of course, the sad truth is that it has never been more important to be ‘informed’ and so the ‘bread-and-circuses’ will continue lest we stumble upon the truth – but perhaps this brief clip will sway a few more to the dark side of ‘the informed’ – though just because ‘you’ are better-informed does not mean politicians will do a better job – as the probability of your vote changing the outcome of an election is for all practical purposes, zero!

Video Why Are American Voters So Uninformed


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