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In the recent past, WikiLeaks has been turned into a brand. A brand that has received extra ordinary recognition by the western media, unnecessarily portrayed as a threat to the US etc. Consequently, the rest of the World’s media picked up on it and started producing handpicked reports that were being carefully released by Wikileaks itself. In the video show below, some of the intellectuals have clearly explained that this phenomenon is not new to the world. When Imperialist powers recede, they play such tactics to toss dust into the eyes of the audience. In the highlights, we have picked up some of the points that are food for thought for all those who have started to believe in the WikiLeaks.

Watch the video show below. Wikileaks being exposed to the core.
(Note: If you do not understand Urdu language or do not have time to watch the complete show, we have prepared a to the point transcription of the points discussed in the show)


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A few highlights of the discussion points from the video:

1. The WikiLeaks are mainly Muslim-World centric.
2. The Americans are tired in Afghanistan and want an easy and hopefully dignified exit. Through WikiLeaks, they’re partially trying to achieve that.
3. Before they leave the region after their defeat in Afghanistan, they want to leave strong rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran.
4. Pakistan’s Nukes are safe, and it has been established so in the recent past, by official statements of the US itself. Drawing unnecessary attention towards the issue clearly identifies what the WikiLeaks is mainly after.
5. The story of how WikiLeaks managed to get all these documents, that Juliann Assange is a Rogue element, that the documents were stolen/downloaded during a switch-over to an upgrade etc. etc. are all made up stories.
6. Such elements(the founder of Wikileaks) are used as a part of a long-term plan by the Deep-State strategists of the US, to keep their own records clean and maintain their claims of innocence and to create divisions amongst Muslim states.
7.   Today’s USA, is a receding Imperialist Super Power, that is not only militarily being defeated in Afghanistan, but is also facing economic defeat across the globe. It needs such acts in order to save itself the humiliation.
8. The war that USA is fighting today is an immoral war and they know it. The Americans know it, and hence the US Govt. is now facing extreme opposition for their unusual wars across the world, which are only bringing not only humiliation but a bad name to the United States. There is Joblessness, uncertainty etc. amongst the Americans; indicating that they are fighting these wars at the expense of America’s future generations.
9. The leaks are deliberate. The leaks intend to create chaos amongst mainly the Muslim world. The leaks are carefully handpicked and are not being merely handpicked by Julian Assange. There are bigger forces in play here who are trying to achieve their ulterior motives by these leaks. This should be called operation disinformation.
10. Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea and Libya should make a combined effort to put together all the information that they have about the American shady business in the world and release it to the media, to make them taste their own medicine.

11. Similar leaks have been made in the past by the CIA; during the Vietnam War when Nixon and Henry Kissinger decided that they needed to pull out of Afghanistan, the Seymour Hersh report was released in the result of which a movement came into play and finally the US announced its withdrawal from Vietnam.

11. The whole drama has been orchestrated and we need not fall victim to its designs. Through the release of a few authentic truths, WikiLeaks will try to authenticate the lies that it will present to the world.


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    sab kuch bakwaas hai, Why will a person draw himself into trouble.

  2. Haseeb Humayun says:

    Brother i am unable to play nor download this video of urs about wikileaks…i have tried from 2 different comps with no luck is there somewhere else i could watch this from?

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