Video: Zaid Hamid on Dawn News Show +92 ID (English)


+92 ID is a 20 minute theme based mini-documentary show. Each segment in the show (a mini-documentary) focuses on a subject related to the episodes theme, and is produced by a separate group of producers/directors. This episodes theme is “Conspiracy Theorists” and the guests are Nadeem F Paracha and Zaid Hamid.

Nadeem Farooq Paracha, a staunch opposer of the BrassTacks mission and a representative of his “OWN THINKING CLASS“ invites Mr. Zaid Hamid to his show +92 id to talk about conspiracy theories and the role of conspiracy theorists.The program exposes the fundamental clash between the mind set of the two classes and brings out their ideological and perceptive differences.



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  1. Lone Ranger says:

    @rafay kashmiri

    r u alive dude? long time no see? still pimping for zaid hamid?

  2. Humayun Bhatty says:

    Zaid Hamid makes more sense. The other guy is a non-starter. First he attacks the Hadith then he attacks the intellectuals.
    He is useless. A non-starter.

  3. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    Political Science an International relations taught in Pakistan needs to change its syllabus & have,
    atleast, some advanced approach, not old colonial
    ” reconditioning “.
    Just listen to Paracha, you think you are living in 1890, The Mirza had died, while attending his call of the nature, could’nt recover, rather, relinquished himself from the ” hole” (physically ),
    suddenly, his pro-Brit Raj pamphlets found their way in the local high school syllabus full with
    Mirza’s “Angrez Maharaj ki jay ” bhajans.
    Paracha copying Hasan Nisar’s Third hand
    material of only history-recital value, the grammar & rhetorics are outdated and turned into pure demagogy in all H.Nisar’s three dozens of pure bakwaas videos on Youtube massacred and butchered mercilessly by certain raqib wyne.
    Poor Paracha is obviously but savagely crushed by Zaid Hamid’s executioner guillotine, the poor fellow did’nt even had a chance to protest !!!
    Hasrat un ghunchon peh he
    jo bin-khilay murjha gaye

  4. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    I know many people who are very impressed by
    Hasan Nisar, Irshad Haqqani, Nazir Najji sort of
    charlatans, current studies in International affairs & relations means to speak and creat word-game
    logic on any geopolitical stupid subject, their
    language is purely colonial and artificial favouring only western view point as if the world does
    not exist outside UK, EU (half the size of Brazil)and uncle sam the grand satan (backward,mordern civilization)

  5. Kashif says:

    I have read Paracha Articles in DAWN , actually what he write is what he learnt in Book. But Zaid is speaking what he experienced and act. Not all the books reader and writer like Paracha becomes a great writer. For great writers self/bitter experience is necessary.

  6. Pracha is a pseudo intellectual …

  7. FAYSAL says:

    what a joke this man is THE PARACHA, he goes you can search about jewish lobbies on google and you will find the truth….

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