Vinyl Arrivals #23 RSD 2016


A few of my Record Store Day purchases, forgot to also show the Manic Street Preachers 12″, d’oh!!


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  1. ryanrocks84 says:

    Wow, Dean I`m jealous about the Maiden 12" single! I tried to get one of these but – as you said – the online-prices are just crazy!!! So great you could fetch one for an alright-price! Very cool Fleetwood Mac album too!

    Take care

  2. James Smith says:

    I wanted 9 items in total and some for my dad and I got everything. Could have had the White Stripes LP but I wasn't after it and the shop I went to it was nearer £50 I think somewhere between £45-50. End of the day people who buy records buy stuff cheap if they see it and sell it on or use it for trades for stuff they want themselves. In my eyes and people may disagree I don't see much difference between buying RSD stuff to sell and buying stuff from boot sales/charity shops/flea markets I've bought loads of things cheap to sell on and every one of them I could think well if I leave it there a fan of that band/artist could get it but the reality is if I don't buy it someone else will and chances are someone who will sell it on. With the prices of RSD stuff in most cases profit margins aren't great anyway or if they are you have a very short time window in which to get a decent price. Anyone wanting to make money on records a far better way is to buy second hand collections but I guess that requires more knowledge on records than buying RSD stuff where if you buy a big artist likes of Maiden or White Stripes you can be pretty much guaranteed a profit if you get it on soon enough. Anyway bit of an essay there but just putting a different slant on things. Great vid as usual Dean take care :-)

  3. You may be able to find the White Stripes for a lot less now Dean. Thanks for sharing all of the RSD pickups. I will keep an eye out for the Nirvana one for you. I am sure that you will find both of them for very cheap in a few more months. No matter what the numbers are on the pressings add 500 to them. That is unless they are numbered I guess.
    Talk to you soon~

  4. Hi Dean, your story about that eBay seller made my blood boil. What's wrong with these people? Bad shout, I hope you do find it at some point soon – will let you know if I see one. Nice to have you back.

  5. Was there any Rob Zombie mate?

  6. I'm pretty lucky with regard to RSD. I did buy something extra that I didn't want, but not to sell. It is currently on its way to the USA as a gift. I always try and pick up a gift on RSD.

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