Vlog.. Mankind likes being Enslaved… Or so it seems.. illuminati Vlog



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  1. Kevin Goss says:

    Hi Izzy, Been a while. It pains me to see so many people in the word hell bent on their own end. I believe it might be their fear of losing their false securities. And they close their eyes hoping it will all go away. For us that see what's going on it's a nightmare we can not seam to awake from. And knowing the truth can be overwhelming. I know it's hard to believe but I think people here in America are waking to the cold reality. Funny how people don't think we're nuts anymore. Much Love Kev

  2. izzysmart says:

    Has to be a les paul bacon man.. Dont like the feel.of a strat.. Have played a les paul they feel and sound like I want..gibson all the way hun

  3. Toots3D says:

    Keep the faith and spread the word. That is what we have to do 🙂 Love the new song 🙂

  4. jamnoise72 says:

    Great video sis. I am feeling the same. xx

  5. Atleast now we no we are all fucked..So be happy

  6. ytcrittical says:

    good vid mate. i disagree people dont want things to change, people i speak to are desperate (very) for their lives to be less enslaved, they know their lives are being enslaved, but they literally cannot see a way out of the treadmill. its not they are too stupid to see the enslavement, more like because things are so massively controlled now, it is almost beyond the bounds of perception that there is genuinely a way to change the system. trapped like a hamster on a wheel.

  7. izzysmart says:

    thanks mate 🙂

  8. izzysmart says:

    Yeah hear that, People I work with kinder like it lol.. There a few who are like u say but most around my place of work.. like it..they also not that bright

  9. izzysmart says:

    Hear that, reason why I started Left n Right series.. Done the music selling slowly now comedy.. Odd vlog and rant hear and there.. I kinder getting tired 6 years of this shit on here lol..xx

  10. izzysmart says:

    I hear that matey… Hope u all cool and stuff

  11. izzysmart says:

    Thanks for watching

  12. izzysmart says:

    Jas to be a les paul… I dont like strats.. I love les paul sound and feel.. I a glam rocker lol

  13. Probe NASA says:

    For those who know they are enslaved, there is a mixture of Apathy, and intense desire to be entertained to take their mind off of their enslavement.

    I believe, however that the majority of human beings, especially, Americans, are in complete denial, and delusional. They wave their flags several times a year and brag about how free they are.

    Someone should make a phone app, that as soon as you click on it says, YOU ARE A SLAVE. Now bend over, your government has something for you!

  14. Interesting vlog, like the new song. Well done Izzy, you have come to a similar conclusion to me, i have jumped off the truth merry go round and am following a different path. Sharing the same videos and theories/facts with each other is getting us nowhere; making us dizzy izzy. An approach on a local more personal level. If you can't beat em, join em but still look to make change but don't force it.

  15. CEEJLESS says:

    Interesting to hear your viewpoints. Considering i was jehovah's witness, i'm more than aware of brainwashing and control. Scary people like witnesses can be manipulated in to completely believing complete lies because of information control and fear. I take a very skeptical view of most people now. Tough to distinguish what my thoughts are and what my former religious leaders thoughts are sometimes.

  16. kismet valk says:

    Most people are never going to stop complying to this false reality. They cannot. They are the soulless minions of the false reality, like computer game characters, they are simply being what they were created to be. Those of us outside the game, the players, can change and become aware of the insanity of it all. Game characters cannot, that is why these people never change, they stay the same all their lives. Just watch them and you'll see.

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