VOILE NOIR (HD) War Adventure in the Skies (CGI Live Action Short by ArtFx)


Allan and Yvan, two pilots, go on a plane mission to try to end the chaotic current polity… Voile Noir (2011) | Animation – War / Action Produced at ARTFX …


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  1. Stumbled onto this early 2014.  Re-watched numerous times!  Easily within my top 5 animated shorts.

  2. So i guess the americans got german bf-109 blueprints and made a Corsair-Bf109 mix.

  3. Xoruam says:

    Amazing work! Animation, sounds, effects, the story. If I were to nitpick, i would only point out that in that POV shot from inside the cockpit there is no aiming reticle, and it should be there. But that's nitpicking 🙂 Other than that, 10/10.

  4. Mervin Leo says:

    I was thinking, probably we first thought he was the good guy, bombing the bad guys

    When in the end, he was the bad guy, successful in bombing the good ones

  5. It should have a part2 or something like that

  6. Its called voile noir because the Gforce get him passed out and we call it in french"Le voile noir"we can't see because of this voile noir bye

  7. i couldn't hear the narration,music was to loud.we got lucky that could have been us on the receiving end,or was it.

  8. why is the bombers right engine on fire?, i only saw the left engine get hit and start smoking

  9. AWC says:

    2:31 interesting cockpit…

  10. 2.26 and 3.05 has difference… i think

  11. I love at and translate french ! wow thk so mutch :D

  12. RichformO4 says:

    Coolest fighters I've Seen! =D

  13. LucisFerre1 says:

    This was animation? Wow. 

  14. JKL 2022 says:

    whaa plot twist he was a bad guy

  15. nazis of the future  detected!!!

  16. amazing graphic!!!! seriously

  17. Actually its about HUMAN and their thinking, These heroes sent out to end the bloodshed for peace and won even when they died in that fight. So they were praise as martyrs. Due to that…created another catastrophe in the future.

    There is no Good or Evil in this world…because human cant differentiate what is good and what is bad in the first place, so their good actions in the past has created bad result in the future.

  18. wow! That was good!

  19. Zen RD says:

    THis is simply amazing. Visual is beautiful. Story is great.

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