Vol. 4 Epic Legendary Intense Massive Heroic Vengeful Dramatic Music Mix – 1 Hour Long


All these tracks have been mixed and edited together in order to provide an epic, legendary and unforgettable journey into a realm of your own mind. If you’d like …


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  1. jay bailey says:

    I don't want it to end…. So strong.

  2. i use this as a soundtrack for dark souls 3

  3. DARKlink150 says:

    Id like to think thats Demon Ultron in the picture

  4. apostolis633 says:

    Listening this while at the toilet taking a good dumb after a whole month ,it feels like shitting stones,but,with this am motivated to get my asshole ready for everything,for a better tomorrow,thank you

  5. Skully! says:

    Anyone else sick of these "My world has changed, i'm a special snowflake, and life is a lie" bullshit comments?
    I see them on almost any god damn Music Video, it's just obnoxious at this point.
    Stop, it's cringy.

  6. This makes me feel like embarking on a quest for revenge when I workout. Nice mix thanks.

  7. emm ok nu e rau dar nici bine ie mmm

  8. the ad called the king was fucking hilarious

  9. hey :3 if you need some free royalty music for your videos (music that can be monetized ;D)or just some good new music, click my name or my image

  10. peace be upon you & us, i love this kind of music, the 5th track is wonderful it gets intense from 8:23

  11. Can i use this soundtrack for the game we are developing…for the thesis?

  12. If anyone knows what i'm talking about can someone PLEASE try to find some music like Zack Hemsey's – Vengeance

  13. Scary Edward says:

    Hey look my profile picture is the same as the background ???

  14. "Valentin Wiest – Sphinx" is the most epic thing I've ever heard.

  15. Abrar Shafin says:

    I've noticed the fact the titles mostly say "Heroic". Well, I'm sure there are others like me who very much like these mixes, as you've put in a shit-ton of effort. But, why no dark mixes, more "Villan-y" types? Love your soundtracks by the way.

  16. Woosled says:

    Good to see some TSFH in this!

  17. Warrek Djinn says:

    even if you use this as an alarm it's still annoying asf

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