Wake Up Call – New World Order ( documentary )


_ · · · · · · ▭ BeKnown Я Ξ √ Ω LUT ↑ ☼ N https://www.facebook.com/TheFundamentalFilms it a documentary compiled by John Nada .


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  1. megos megos says:

    research the 3 city states…i promise you wil not be dissapointed…PROMISE

  2. Logan Hughes says:

    There is no such thing as the illuminati

  3. The world really is the Truman Show

  4. Bobby Lee says:

    it dueto give goverment more control more power over us ..homeland security take away our guns so we can defend our selves when the due marshal law to become and new world oder ..all mind control bullshit..we have to be strong stand our ground fuck the goverment

  5. tjb2693 says:

    nWo 4 life

    f-f-for life

  6. viper3636dr says:

    Money = debt but also GREED. People with power. If world order is to work it should revolve around would happiness. no world currency only equality for all. If that doesn't work… we will be forced to remove greed from our DNA.

  7. Terry Keith says:

    It's already too late! While you slept the predator has his claw at your throat now you wake up, but it's too late! Bye!

  8. Troy McClure says:

    obama This ape is a puppet over the world Zionist murderers bankers

  9. so everybody, HOW SHOULD WE DESTROY THE ILLUMINATI and bring the world as it was, we cannot just stay like that, there has to be some one who wants the world to be normal again. WE ARE HUMAN and forget I am a Muslim or Jew or Christian or Hindu or other religions, this is ONE HUMANITY and it needs to WAKE UP, we have watched enough videos everyday, now we have the knowledge, NOW LETS ACT UPON OUR KNOWLEDGE, THAT'S WHAT ALL RELIGIONS TEACHES, SO LETS GET UP AND ACT ON OUR KNOWLEDGE, IF YOU ARE A WISE MAN, TRUE TO YOUR GOD AND TRUE FOR SAYING ( I WANT GOOD SO THIS IS WHY I SERVE HUMANITY ONLY FOR GOOD TO REACH THEM), if you are one of these people, lets do something or before they do something to us as it is called total mind control and walk like a programmed machine. I think we all know they want the future to be like this but if you don't, its better to act before they act upon us. these people don't sleep that much, the work night and morning, they know I am writing this, cause of the daemons they are around you everyday, they know every single of us, 735,429 thousand, so destroy your enemy before it catches you from your hands and takes to what he desires, you don't want that to happen, so lets ACT. BY THE WAY I AM NOT FROM THE GROUP ANONYMOUS, they are wasting your times, they are ILLUMINATI CREATED.

  10. The Originer says:


  11. tuco albert says:

    Fuck Satan Islam is good that's why they don't want no Islam and they got Isis to give Islam a bad name

  12. These people who live in the new world order have no idea what its like to struggle to survive where any opportunity is conditioned to environment

  13. What the fuck do you do with time in no imagination where culture is everything in social contribution

  14. ggj2545 says:

    1:29:09 Real eye opener !!!! thats what paris attacks are all about

  15. Afalaa says:


  16. Cheryl Lewis says:

    why are all politicians supporting this? whats in it for them?

  17. Cheryl Lewis says:

    business controls govt = fascism =

  18. Cheryl Lewis says:

    puppets – clearly – hidden political agendas – its happening

  19. Illuminati or whatever it is one or two more war like iraq or afganistan will collapse usa permanently so world order cant be fulfill

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