Wake Up For The New World Order Before Its Too Late



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  1. Even if it is was an overpopulation problem, its still not right to kill the innocent, for that problem, create man made land, The Venus Project perhaps?

  2. "to expensive…wouldn't it be easier to kill the people?"
    LMAO, sorry, but you honestly made me laugh with that.

    – Yea that's why I'm trying to get people to spread these videos. Let people know whats going on, your spot on about the population, but at least your against it unlike "djhives"

  3. fight baby we have nothing to loose!!!
    the whole world should take up the fight now!!! we have nothing to loose!!!
    just look whats going on in the world, you will dry by them or you can stand up and fight like a MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Woodsman154 says:

    I want to suggest you all watch Zeitgeist. You'll shit your pants when you do. This'll show you who's pulling the strings.

  5. MIZZIJR says:

    If they are able to trick enough people in to getting chipped, they probably can control them, either that or just kill them with it to lessen our numbers.

    Nice site that exposes the nwo

  7. matlivo says:

    who was that man?

  8. justbecuz41 says:

    The biggest problem imo is there is so much bs out there concerning the nwo, illuminati, aliens ect what is the real agenda? The real truth?

  9. they are just distracting us from the truth, you're right..

    the answer is god..not lucifer

  10. Thats a damn good question. Sorry i took a while to respond, but I've seen some videos where troops are saying they won't turn on the people.

    Idk how they know, They might use biological warfare to kill us. I don't think they will give us a chance to fight back honestly. And thats why its imperative that we beat them to the punch. Because if they punch us first we might not have a chance. But if we get them, we have a huge advantage. Thats why we have to stick together and take them down ASAP.

  11. Make sure you guys watch the, "Obama Deception"

  12. Yea, I watched it, It was the first thing I seen once I woke up. Its a real mind opener. I didn't too much believe the religion part though, I keep my faith n God at all times.

  13. I watched it. Who ever made it has some nice predictions for the next attack. I think everybody should have a look at that Series.

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