Walt disney illuminati subliminal messages and devil worship!


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  1. Eloise T-G says:

    What cartoon is 2:59?

  2. Real talk. This crap be hypnotizing the children.

  3. God and jesus do exist you dumbass!

  4. Jade Rankine says:

    This is the reason why they had to like take Fantasia out of sync, the shit had so kay subliminal messages that when they took out the hand maiden, sunflower it didnt sound too right

  5. RCAXX37 says:

    Lol people being scared of fucking fairy tales…so stupid 

  6. OMG gais if u taik the lenth of tis video subtrac 1 and pull a 6 out of ur ass you get 666 EVIL

  7. And being serious here, Coraline is not Disney, and it has been scientifically proven that subliminal messages don't actually work. Finally, CALM DOWN YOU PARANOID IDIOTS. This is what you sound like: OMG she winkd Liek all seing eye! Illuminati!!!1!!!!!111

  8. Ah that familiar castle in the sky. What are they building these days?  I don't know about anyone else, but when I saw Fantasia as a child aged 5, I was terrified. I cried and had to look away. I desperately wanted to leave the drive-in and get away from the great big picture. I had nightmares for over a week. The wood coming alive scene in Snow White, the fire scene in Bambi, the baby separation scene in Dumbo, all had similar upsetting effects. Mary Poppins and Cinderella were light relief.

  9. Calling people "Paranoid Idiots" is as bad as Believing the LIES of the RELIGION of EVOLUTION instead of actually DOING THE MATH to find out that the Big Bang and Evolution are Mathematically Impossible…lol There is No Proof Whatsoever for any type of so called Evolution other than what us CREATIONISTS agree with..That is not Evolution though. It is VARIATION WITHIN KINDS! Science is defined as something that can or has been seen and observed and documented! The Religion of Evolution uses LIES to promote everything exactly the OPPOSITE as the TRUE CREATION STORY! lol People Ignorant "lacking knowledge" enough to believe the lies of the Religion of Evolution just need to do the MATH and they will see that it is Impossible to Create Everything from NOTHING! The big Lie bang is now and has been proven to be a lie and an impossibility! lol The same thing with us being able to Evolve from a ROCK…lmao. If we had EVOLVED from Monkeys or Apes then why are they not STILL Evolving in to Man from other Species. Why has NO EVIDENCE ever been produced to PROVE Evolutions Lies? Because it does not exist…lol
    Walt Disney called on the Devil to become Wealthy and he was given a short time of fame before he fell apart from the demons using him up! If you do not agree with me then don't call me names like a Child…PROVE me wrong with FACTS…Not just some Bullshit you make up! Like all of the so called Missing Links that have ALL been Proven Hoaxes or Mistakes…Mostly Hoaxes though and lies made up to promote the lies of the Religion the Devil made up called Evolution!
    Walt Disney Worshiped these liars!

  10. song??? please :)

  11. docbobc2010 says:

    The sex lion king one was meant to say sfx like in all Disney movies you see all these sex letters all over the place but the supposed to be saying sfx to thank there special effects team not a lie animations need sfx teams too you know.

  12. nachosmachos says:

    So this is it people, we are being controlled by dildos in children movies? Boy we sure dropped the ball didnt we?

  13. No surprise the illuminati worship lucifer, they have all the money in the world and yet they worship lucifer, they hate God, it is obvious with the anti- Christian propaganda. As well as with the satanic symbols, here is the Gospel. 
    The most terrifying thing in the world is that God is good and the thing is we are not good,we are evil sinners. So what does a good, Holy God do with evil sinners like us? He must punish us because all have sinned and have broken God's law by lying, stealing etc.. so the just punishment is death then hell, but that is not God's will. 2,000 years ago God the Son became a man in Jesus Christ and died on the cross for our sin, it is like we broke God's law and Jesus paid the fine. And on the third day He rose from the dead, what you must do is repent of sin and believe in Jesus Christ for your eternal salvation and from that God will give you a new heart with new desires, the old sinful life has gone and the new life has begun.

  14. What I don't understand is if im right walt Disney is dead why is it still going on?

  15. Shyanne Wipp says:

    Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 1 John 2:15
    Disney movies are not recommended for anybody. Disney is of the world and the father of this world is Satan. Disney movies are very ungodly and are of the devil.

  16. @Angel Blossom it has been scientifically proven that it does work idiot. OMG

  17. What is the song In the clip?

    Что за песня в ролике играет?))) 

  18. WOLVOMAN80 says:

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