War in IRAN 2010 (Beginning of World War 3)?


Is Iran the next target on the United States hit list? Can this possibly be the beginning of World War 3? According the Bible prophesy that is precisely what is …


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  1. @BATHEPAIN so you say kill innocent men women and children just to get to some terrorists? how about if your neighbor killed your family then runs to hide in a school full of children…would you "flatten" the school to get to him? i bet you support the atomic bombings of hiroshima and nagasaki.

  2. @didickcheeseburger in fact i d support those bombings. they saves thousands of american lives. it was worth it in the end

  3. @BATHEPAIN the arrogant mentality that american lives are more important than innocent lives of other nationalities is a major reason were hated by many. innocent lives should never be willingly sacrificed to attain any goal.

  4. @didickcheeseburger Not true. Had innocent lives never been willingly sacrificed we never would have won the revolutionary war, civil war, etc.

  5. ilikpatoez says:

    if the hormuz is closed today it will start

  6. @megapraise11

    this is one of muslims Symbol just for showing Alliance & unity . like Christ Mark .

    we have in islam (Quran) (all of the peoples that have revelation to the Lord, are our brothers and sisters.)

    we have in our islam (Quran) (Jesus , Moses , Abraham And Muhammad are our biggest profets.)

    in the islams says stand against oppression .

  7. please see the oppression .
    please see who are make oppressions,
    who are make wars .
    who want stand against oppression .

    i dont think in any religion says (go to their Homeland and Kill innocent people).

  8. jeez u fuked up on the date there..any BS christian date…no wonder you people have no credability!

  9. Pepper Bacon says:

    This is why I love the internet. When someone makes a BS predication they can't deny it later. An internal testament to how stupid the person who made this video is.

  10. MoMo H says:

    Can't wait for Iran to destroy Israel.

  11. xcaliber69 says:

    What a bullshit video. Iran and the USA didn't even exist in the day that Jeremiah 51:11 was written. It's pure bullshit. Screw all religions! Simple minded sons of bitches can't think for themselves. Looking to a book of fairy tails to "foresee the future". Wake up!

  12. ACguernica says:

    I love this shit. Big Scarey Dramatic Music, A lot of Propaganda rhetoric, and OH WAIT- TWO YEARS TOO LATE.

  13. ACguernica says:

    I have to wonder if me taking a shit on a toilet would be devestating if I apply this kind o music to it.

  14. ACguernica says:

    That's something new. Did you think that up all your own?

  15. humanoid says:

    real music starts at 6:35. awesome

  16. It's called bullshit

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