War in IRAN 2010: Part 2 (The Beginning of World War 3)?



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  1. @tobigforyou Did you notice the ? mark i posted at the end of the title?

  2. @SuperMe4lyfe I know, it seems nobody listens to the watchman when he sounds the horn.

  3. tobigforyou says:

    @bigbadboriqua ? – this…lol

  4. @tobigforyou hmmmm, I see you didn't noticed the question mark after the title.

  5. tobigforyou says:

    @bigbadboriqua i did, you just don't know how to read posts.

  6. @tobigforyou my bad then, I didn't notice it. I thought you were cracking jokes since its already 2011 😛

  7. tobigforyou says:

    @bigbadboriqua never mind……

  8. Ermir Shala says:

    not any world war 3 anymore soon peace comes even if it looks now terrible situations in world ( 15 ) years more then no religions fighting no interests fighting no kapitalist fighting no komunist fighting ' Mehdi comes soon ' and not anymore then 70 years world will be so shall we prapare for hell or haven this must peoples think not other things thnx .

  9. Oen713 says:

    @Fetch1Milo trust me…

  10. Jason Anon says:

    It's a good thing I am not president of the United States b/c I have known for years the threat Russia and Iran pose. I would nuke both when they least expect it . In fact, I would destroy the capitols of every country in the world who is not an avowed ally of the United States. I would make you sorry for even thinking you could fuck the US.

  11. Iman Shahi says:

    Although I'm not convinced with Iranian government, I will not allow any country to touch my country. we are civilized, we are not like those arabs or afghans, i don wanna offend any race tho~ Iran is not Iraq! let's say no to war! see iraqi and afghan people now? their cities look like rubbish! America fixed those places?!No !its using oil of iraq! the opium and drug production of Afghanistan is being increased dramatically after US conquer!! Don't care what media say! its all bullshit! 😐

  12. David Torres says:

    @bigbadboriqua Wow bro u made this in May, I just finished leaving a comment on the WhiteHouse youtube channel. Some guy was talking about Obama2012 & another one was talking about Armageddon. I wrote "Not exactly why does everyone think Armageddon is gonna happen in 2012? What I’m hinting is that he’s gathering the troops because in 2012 there will be another fake terrorist attack not in the U.S but in Europe. This time they’ll blame the Muslims but not from Iraq this time from *cough* Iran!

  13. Lucky Ahmed says:

    @Yeshua001 omg u are just soo stupid and brainwashed all that shit that u wish on ppl shud happend to u and ur family infact ur GOVERMENT dont care about there own ppl .. 9/11 etc. soo if u keep thinking like that maybe u re gonna be the next person coz they dont give a fuck about u

  14. astorm999 says:

    you sound like a zionist cunt.

  15. astorm999 says:

    i hope iran has what it takes to defend itself,i say that as an american sitting here in new york.as an american,not a zionist.

  16. volhead49 says:

    why would china go to war against the U.S. when they already own so much of the U.S? and how does china own so much of the U.S. if the world bankers supposedly own everything? seems confusing to me. but im sure theres much i dont know about.

  17. ZipZenac says:

    Yes, including if your own butt is on fire. Best let me do your thinking for you.

  18. ZipZenac says:

    The term 'Zionist cunt' is a tautology. (Look the word up.) It's true. I am agreeing with you.

  19. Musa Ibrahim says:

    08:27 the free world? you mean the same ones who dropped delepted uranium on children in Iraq? who are now willfully arming jihadist terrorism in Syria and murdering Christians in the name of a fake CIA-backed "revolution"? give me a break.

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