War on Terror-The Real Villain



War on Terror—the Authentic Villain!

Opium Mafia! Permit me have my say!

(By Shahid Ali Abbasi)

A fowl loves the dry, thorny tree getting its nest far more than a environmentally friendly and aromatic 1 which is not its household. You can’t resist the impulse of patriotism when your country’s status is at stake, but, even with a powerful urge of nationalism, I will not drop a prey to the arch villain, and will be as goal in my solution as probable because I know the folks all around the world are at present being hypnotized by that world villain who promotes evil thinking in us in purchase to realize his devilish goal. It can be a world conspiracy that outweighs by much the put together gravity of all the world troubles such as terrorism and world warming. The real enemy is the 1 that is splitting aside us the humans, causing a fission of hatred, selfishness and prejudice in our hearts and minds it is worse than the nuclear fission that only destroys physically. Who that enemy is I will not know, but I am guaranteed he is powerful enough to hijack our leaders in minutes—the very same leaders who belong to us but the second they arrive at increased authority, they can’t stand what Bacon phone calls “larger pains”, and thus are enslaved by that hatred-spreading satan. The stage I keep is that the enemy has break up us all into two lessons: To 1 belong the politicians, armies and even governments that provide the evil all around the world, irrespective of their nationality and to the other belong all of us—innocent and gullible. This article endeavours to deliver into mild some crude realities about the present life on earth, hoping at the very same time to drag the evil monster out of the den. So, normally, the tone of this article is ‘furious’ I know, but it can’t be penned far more politely than this, because it aims to awaken the human race to see what is generally hidden. I need to also say that the publishing of this article will show how impartial and daring media is, and to what extent the freedom of expression is permitted.

When I arrived to London, I understood how excellent the British folks are (sorry to exclude politicians below). They are immensely humane, and the way they accommodate and regard us (foreigners), I question if we could do the very same if they (the British) have been in our nations. In actuality, regardless of what nationality we as humans have, our hearts do possess a celestial affection for every other. Ask a widespread Indian or Pakistani citizen if he/she desires a war. The two will say ‘NO!’ We have been living with each other for hundreds of years and even with physical boundaries, we nevertheless share a large society (bear in mind that when you have a widespread society, you do have a powerful emotion of adore to every other). Ask a widespread British or American if he/she hates Pakistanis, or if he/she loves war. I am guaranteed the response will once more be a blatant ‘NO!’ That’s excellent which is what will make us all essentially humans—”paragon of animals” (Shakespeare). The folks all around the world are the very same: they imagine and sense alike. Then who is the real villain? I will once more say ‘I will not know’ but certainly our politicians and other adult males of authority know him/her/them. This I guess because they are serving that villain of hatred far more than they do us. Let us have a the latest overview. The British Prime Minister Mr David Cameron went to India on “a trade mission” and sent his substantially-debated speech in Bangalore, India, on 28th July 2010. The speech does prove 1 issue that in purchase to be a Prime Minister you need to have a selected degree of maturity of considered and perception. As a trainer of language and literature, I need to value the flowery language that Mr Cameron utilised to magnetize the Indian trade. He glorified India with many metaphors like calling the region a “tiger” that has been “uncaged and its electrical power can be felt all around the world”. Then he introduced that he’d discuss to the Indian Prime Minister about Indian and British cultures. I desire Mr Cameron had researched the cultural connotations associated with “tiger”, so had the Indians listening to him: where as a tiger is the image of splendor in the west it is a image of bloodthirstiness and brutality in the east. He also glorified India stating that she is “a foremost service provider of peacekeeping troops to the United Nations” (I do bear in mind I would heard the very same issue about Pakistan too, a few of decades again). I like it because when you praise the attempts of Indian folks, each Pakistani (once more I apologize for excluding politicians from both equally sides of the border), feels proud because even with so many tragic incidents, the folks nevertheless adore every other. Unfortunately, Mr Cameron forgot that Indian and Pakistani folks are the masters of splitting the hair, and, I am guaranteed, even a teen ager would simply declare the speech to be just a “flattery” to bring in the Indian enterprise tycoons. Then, lastly, Mr Cameron hit the last nail in the coffin by exploiting the nationalistic, patriotic inner thoughts of the Indians. The politician straightaway attacked Pakistan stating, “we can’t tolerate in any perception the thought that this region is permitted to glimpse both equally strategies and is able in any way to market the export of terror”. I’ve quoted two strains so that you as a reader could see the authoritative conceitedness in the quite collection of words and phrases he utilised. It was Cameron’s try to arouse and exploit the very same hatred that we contact a legacy of colonization—divide and rule.

Prior to commenting further, let’s view the most current ‘food cut’ to Afghanistan by Pakistan as a final result of Nato’s growing ugly liberties inside of the Pakistani territory which resulted in our soldiers being killed and the border submit wrecked, even with being retaliated politically in past. As a response to this tragedy, Basic Petraeus states they’d ‘warned’ Pakistan (I need to thank Pakistani international minister Mr Rehman Malik’s ‘shaking’ reply this time, almost certainly below big force. I will not say military force). In reply to the comments designed by Cameron in Bangalore and by Gen. Petraeus, a patriotic Pakistani citizen will not have words and phrases far more polite than ‘WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO Talk TO A SOVEREIGN, NUCLEAR Point out LIKE THAT!?’ If your wits have betrayed you, study the next paragraphs which will sprinkle some chilly water on your sleeping face:

You should not you at any time threaten us of war will not you at any time check out to ‘test’ our probable to protect! We ARE below war-like circumstances because we received independence in 1947. We fought so many wars, such as the 1 that shattered RUSSIA! Yes, our history is blotched with purely natural catastrophes as well, and you’ve got seen we can stand the worst. So substantially so that even Character has to reinvent some far more brutal weapons to be utilised towards us. Or probably she’s training us for the worst. Nuclear weapons? We have fought and defeated the enemy with sticks in our short history. Ask those coward disciples of satan on both equally sides of the border who whisper horrible items in your ears. You should not you undervalue the Pakistani folks!!! We will not say we can only eliminate for our region (like you) WE CAN DIE for our motherland too! Bear in mind entire world, if you can’t assistance us, just leave us on your own: we can, as we do, struggle the bloody terrorists on your own because we have received the soldiers that can struggle even vacant-handed, without the need of fluffy blankets, juices and metals all around. Just examine your progress in Afghanistan in 10 decades with ours in two 3 decades in the tribal belt. We have literally uprooted the terrorists, not for you or any one else but mainly for our individual safety.

I imagine what some of the renowned defence analysts contact the hidden motifs of The united states are being exposed now—”purple in tooth and claw” (Tennyson). How can you imagine about halting the so named “energy corridor” among China and Iran, when you oneself are dependent on a “skinny” and “fragile” food root to your troops in Afghanistan? (Rachel Maddow: U.S. testing war towards Pakistan on ttp://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26315908//vp/39450283#39450283). How dare you imagine about “testing” Pakistan’s self-defence and self-esteem!!?? When you ‘failed’ towards disorderly, weak opponent like Taliban even following a 10-year strife, how can you imagine about “extending” war to Pakistan, a nuclear electrical power!? I know this won’t represent American folks. I question your leaders have been hijacked by what I contact possibly the worst enemy of human race on earth. I ask where the peace-loving American public is now. Isn’t really your The united states gradually turning “RussericA”? I know the folks outside the house The united states, mainly Pakistanis, adore American and British folks (politicians excluded). And all the tolerance that we show in response to the “liberties” of your so named “war on terror” owes considerably to this adore and perception of friendship that we possess in our hearts for the widespread public of these nations. Be sure to permit us dwell peacefully because as soon as this flood bulges out of its banking institutions, it’s going to sweep absent every thing! When you “ironically” eliminate 1 terrorist (in this scenario anti-American), just imagine how many far more you give start to. I know as soon as you determine “extending war” into Pakistan, you’ll declare us all a “terrorist country” such as many other names like Alquida, and so on. coined by you, and this will very convincingly be “propagated” by your media which is the only “telescope” the folks of The united states and Britain have to zoom in to the war-hit nations like Afghanistan and Pakistan.

I know because your food line was intercepted, you’ve got enhanced the propaganda towards Pakistan. A person instance is a information printed in day by day METRO below in London on October 19, 2010. Prior to the ‘food cut’, they reported Alquida leader is hiding in “underground bunkers to keep away from being specific by CIA drones”. But now “TERROR leader Osama bin Laden is alive and well and living a snug life in a property in Pakistan, according to a senior Nato official. The most wished person in the world is allegedly being safeguarded by local folks and associates of Pakistan’s intelligence providers”. Believe me when I was examining this information in coach, I couldn’t assistance smiling. Then I noticed the functioning British folks and the emotion substantially modified. Do these folks perform working day and evening to pay attention to this sort of at any time-twisting tales? Looking at the earlier mentioned assertion by a so-named Nato official will make 1 sense as if Osama bin Laden has penned him a letter inquiring his assistance in looking for a different far more ‘comfortable’ property because the present property has an electrical load shedding issue, or probably the bus halt is absent from the property and Mr Osama has to wander each early morning to his office environment, or probably the property is absent from medical center from where Osama has to take medicine because he is developed too old in this entire organization, or may possibly be his young children have to improve two/3 buses to arrive at college, blah, blah, blah. Be sure to, for God’s sake halt this now! If you are definitely guaranteed, why will not you call the target killers in Karachi who are shedding the streams of blood each working day, instead of expending so substantially in Afghanistan, Iraq, and so on? Pakistan is a region where dozens of superior-rank men and women have been killed, e.g. Liaqat Ali Khan (Pakistan’s very first prime minister), Ziaulhaq (Military Main), Benezir Bhutto, and many others. If you are so guaranteed, why will not you call those who killed these senior leaders? You should not stress, if some innocent folks die in this hunt (following all “conclusion justifies suggests”), we will bear this because we ARE bearing substantially far more each working day. You say Pakistani folks defend Osama? Believe me, regardless of what knowledge I, as an educated Pakistani, have about Osama bin Laden or Alquida is all that I received from possibly BBC, CNN or any other western media. An regular Pakistani has many other, far more testing challenges which barely permit him/her imagine about this ‘Power Game’. When I questioned a Pakistani, who will work as labour in Afghanistan, about Alquida. He giggled and reported, “I will not know no 1 understands what Alquida is, who this Ussama Bin Ladin is not even in Afghanistan even the Afghanis will not know.” If you imagine, as soon as you assault Pakistan, the folks will surrender passively like homeless Afghans, That’s Unquestionably FALASE, because the Pakistani folks can’t cultivate opium which would make them prosperous. Neither our land nor our conscience can at any time assistance this poison. War on Pakistan will by no means conclusion till the conclusion of a single Pakistani. If you imagine you can justify to your conscience the killing of far more than a hundred and seventy million Pakistanis, then WE ARE All set TO DIE! Occur on, eliminate us all, and then you’ll have a big novel of your exploits towards the innocent, which you’ll be able to proudly present to your next generations to study.

You contact us “a terrorist country” or regardless of what, but believe that me it is the Pakistani soldier and intelligence that stays awake so that we all, such as you, rest peacefully in our cosy beds it is Pakistan that is the previous obstacle among the terrorists and rest of the world, and when you check out to weaken Pakistan, you are in fact cutting the quite branch you are standing on. And far more, permit me deliver into your information some of the feathers to the crown we contact Pakistan: It can be the region that grew to become a world champion in four sports activities almost simultaneously, a region that is the seventh major hub of experts and medical doctors, a region that can acquire the war fought at the highest peaks of the world, a region that has fought 5 other big wars, a region with nuclear electrical power, a region with 1 of the greatest missile systems, and, earlier mentioned all, a region with a population of far more than a hundred and seventy million—each 1 of which is a born soldier. To me, it would seem some of the leaders have turn out to be the mouthpieces of the very same bloody villain who’s the focal stage in this article.

The article has been frequently mentioning the ‘enemy’, ‘villain’, and so on. but without the need of identifying it. A person facet of the photograph that is usually missed is the extraordinary boost in the cultivation of opium in Afghanistan because the American invasion in the region. Elizabeth Rubin, in her article “An Afghan drug-smugger: ‘The entire region is in our service'”, printed in New York, October 22, 2006 presented an eye-opening account of face powering the scenario but her cry drowned into the popular hum that only Taliban or Alquida are the most probable threats to the world peace. Presenting the comparison among Taliban and Submit-Taliban (American) era in Afghanistan, she writes:

Opium cultivation was outlawed throughout Taliban rule in the late nineteen nineties and was practically removed by 2001. Immediately after the overthrow of the Taliban govt by U.S. forces in the drop of that year, the Bush administration reported that trying to keep a lid on production was between its highest priorities. But corruption and alliances fashioned by Washington and the Afghan govt with anti-Taliban tribal chieftains, some of whom are considered to be deeply included in the trade, undercut the work”. She also quotes Afghan president Hamid Karzai who reported, “as soon as we considered terrorism was Afghanistan’s major enemy [but now] poppy, its cultivation and medicines are Afghanistan’s big enemy.”

Elizabeth further quotes the Afghan Deputy Ministry of Women’s Affairs who had “just wrapped up the scenario of a girl who had been kidnapped and raped by Kandahari police officers, anything that would not have took place below the Taliban” because, according to the deputy, “Their safety was remarkable.” The woman further reported that Taliban had strictly enforced the ban on poppy but “Now the governors inform the folks, ‘Just cultivate a very little bit'”. So folks take this prospect and develop a large amount,” and the farmers lease the fields from big landlords and when a farmer can’t pay back again the landowner, “instead of paying out, he gives the landowner his daughter,” the deputy extra.

On inquiring Manan Farahi, the director of counterterrorism attempts for Karzai’s govt, why the Taliban have been so powerful in Helmand, Elizabeth was advised that Helmandis had hated the Taliban because of Mullah Omar’s ban on poppy cultivation. “The elders have been content this govt was coming and they could plant once more,….But then the warlords arrived again and permit their militias roam freely. They have been settling old scores – killing folks, thieving their opium. And because they belonged to the govt, the folks couldn’t glimpse to the govt for security. And because they had the ear of the People, the folks couldn’t glimpse to the People. Into this have to have stepped the Taliban.”

Now some information about opium smuggling which Elizabeth unveiled. She interviewed Razzaq, an opium smuggler in his late 20’s. She writes:

He moved and spoke with the confident relieve of a well-safeguarded person.”The entire region is in our providers,” he advised me, “all the way to Turkey.” This wasn’t bravado. From Mazar-i-Sharif, in northern Afghanistan, he brings opium in the kind of a gooey paste, packaged in bricks. From Badakhshan in the northeast, he brings crystal – a sugary compound designed from heroin. And from Jalalabad, in the east on the street to Peshawar, he brings pure heroin. All of this goes via Baramcha, an unmanned border town in Helmand in close proximity to Pakistan. At times he pays off the countrywide soldiers to use their motor vehicles, he reported. At times the countrywide policemen. Or he hides it well, and if there is a tricky checkpoint, he phone calls in advance and pays them off. “The soldiers get 2,000 afghanis a month, and I give them 100,000,” he stated with an angelic smile. “So even if I had a human head in my car, they’d permit me go.” Should he at any time run into a issue in Afghanistan, he advised me, “I simply make a telephone contact. And my voice is identified to ministers, of program. They are in my network. Each individual network has a big person supporting them in the govt.” The Interior Ministry’s director of counternarcotics in Kabul had advised me the very same issue. Anyway, if the smugglers have troubles on the ground, they say, they just pay back the Taliban to destroy the enemy commanders.

I have extensively quoted Elizabeth’s daring endeavor because it is our ignorance to the folks like her that our concentration from the precise issue shifts to what in fact isn’t really. I desire I, or anyone else, had extra up to her attempts in 2006. Any way, it is nevertheless not too late. The real enemy is the opium underworld mafia. Just imagine, HOW CAN THE TERRORISTS Afford to pay for TO HAVE Latest, Costly WEAPONS WHEN THEY Could not Afford to pay for Correct DRESSING AND Foodstuff A 10 years Back? WHO’S FUNDING THEM? Isn’t really IT THE OPIUM MAFIA That’s SPONSORING THE TERRORISTS because “Afghanistan now creates ninety two for each cent (six,100 tons) of the world’s offer of opium utilised to make heroin”? (The Money Moments, September 4, 2006). The opium mafia is functioning without the need of any probable hindrance because all of us are battling every other. That’s the CRUX OF THE Issue! This mafia is so powerful that it can regulate big teams, armies, even governments. Just imagine what our future will be when our generations will be enslaved by the drug mafia, both equally in the production and use of heroine! When a predator attacks a flock, it splits the victims so that they begin operating for their individual lives, then singles 1 and kills it simply. The opium mafia is accomplishing the very same. I will not say who of us belong to that mafia, even so, what we have to critically and meticulously see is who between us are satisfying the mafia’s aims. It can be me, you, the politician, armies, governments, and so on.

The humane emotion in me and you do want far more on this matter, but permit me conclusion this “eye-opener” with a salute to the odd thinkers like Elizabeth Rubin and Rachel Maddow, to name two only, who’ve been gifted with a probable to see the items from an abnormal perspective. I restate that the human race on the face of earth is at this sort of a challenging phase where it is by no means been in past. Our enemy is widespread, and we have to establish and struggle it with each other, paying out every other the Respect 1 justifies. But for that, we have to transcend all what is individually so cherished to us. No 1 understands our enemy except its disciples—the politician Involved. I once more strongly keep that we have been break up into two teams: the devils party (POLITICIAN Involved) and the widespread, innocent folks like us. The others can by no means be us, and I earnestly request the folks of the entire world to wake up and arrive out of this bloodthirsty exorcism.

Shahid Ali Abbasi

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