War with Iran? A Warning to Patriots and Globalists


By Number 6

Lies that You Could Not Have Made Up, but They Did!

As an Iranian-American, ex-US-Army infantryman and sergeant who has sworn a dying oath to the ever living 1776 revolution’s constitution I have found it imperative to warn my patriot brethren to the gravest danger facing our beloved republic at this juncture. The danger in question is not one which threatens us from any outside force but one that although foreign, is the Trojan horse we have been hoodwinked to see as our own government. The current menace is the latest round of wars set up for us which will inevitably lead to the bloodiest episodes in history of mankind; one that would give a new meaning to war, being waged not just on the self-appointed enemies (in this case Iran and the Persian Gulf region) but fought on a civil basis as well, on the home population whose sons and daughters will be dying to the bloody hymns of that Pied Piper warmongering globalist foreign controlled Uncle Sam.

The regime which leads us to this newest march on humanity has its history etched in the blood of patriot soldiers led into its wars based on half-truths and lies. This new march, we are expected to believe, is based on the ‘moral justification’ that Iran must be attacked with the full force of Israel and the US because some drunk-stoner head Iranian-American Texas used car salesman (not a very good combination for a top-notch calculating secret agent man from the so called Axis of Evil) sitting in a jail cell swears to it. Oh and of course, there are some Mexican mafia hoods that also promise us and the victims of the coming wars that this is absolutely without a question the whole truth and let us not forget that they have some recordings to set our minds at ease.[1] No, really.

Hillary Clinton, the obsessive compulsive liar[2] says, “You can’t make this stuff up, right?”[3], but I say to her that not only you can but you do and you have. In fact this culture of lies eats at the soul of our republic and dwarfs the issue of obvious lack of economic equality or any fantasy environmental matters for those who want to believe in non-existent cartoon bears dying in an Al Gore/David de Rothschild grade school masterpiece drama.  The once semi-accountable government of the US republic finds no lie too preposterous in its mission to satisfy its off-shore globalist masters in their pursuit for Full Spectrum Dominance over all things living, American or not. With the help of tax-exempt foundations, politicians have worked hard in the past century to create nonstop crises in order to constantly remold American society to their specifications of collectivist slavery in bondage forever to their fiat money and their unconstitutional fiat laws.[4] In line with this agenda, what has been most blamable for the destruction of the American way of life is that this nation has time and again been taken to war, indebted, bled and constitutionally raped in the name of non-existent threats and comical enemies.

Really America, have we ever looked outside our doors to see who this scary enemy is? Via whose fear we are giving up our rights and even our children to the Big Brother system? We are supposed to believe that this once great republic is threatened by a handful of guys who without proper help couldn’t even put on their shirt right or comb their own always unkempt hair. Some comic of a character! This time we are supposedly dealing with some constantly inebriated man named Arbabsiar who purportedly spends his time frequenting brothels and is lazy according to people who know him. But the last ones were not any more composed either and were members of the Who’s Who of CIA patsies: remember the pirate-eyed Mullah Umar, the disheveled trio of the dazed out Richard Reid (‘Shoe Bomber’), supposed 911 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the stony eyed stoned Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (‘Underwear Bomber’)?

It has to be said though that the jury is still out on what other types of bombers can emerge from this genetically modified geo-engineered mushroom patch world of underwear geopolitics but I am personally still waiting for the ‘wristwatch bomber,’ you know, the one who’s bomb explodes when the dial is turned at a certain altitude. I can’t wait for the moment when we all have to fly handcuffed to the seats of the plane while the duty of the stewardesses changes from serving our needs to watching the ratio of our inhalations to exhalations for threat assessment purposes while pacing back and forth down the aisles breathing down our necks like the schoolyard hall monitors of the day. That is the endgame if we as Americans keep on being very very afraid of the shadows dancing on the walls[5] and not vigilant in holding the government faithful to its duties of upholding our god given natural rights.  That is the federal government’s only constitutional mandate after all, as it should concern their dealings with their supposed bosses, the American people.

Iraq War Lies as a Warning against any Future Overseas Adventurism

As 21st Century Americans we keep on falling to lies while being bled economically and literally as our representatives like Secretary Clinton lull us into sleep with sweet liellabies, applying that newspeak of tyrants, telling us they could never lie to us in taking us to war. The inference is not even that  they wouldn’t but that they as our ‘governors’ can do no wrong, making it impossible for them to lie to us. That sounds more like the doctrine of the Iranian politico-religious ‘Velayateh Faghih.’ That the chosen religious leaders are beyond reproach as they are the literal commandment of god on earth and are incapable of doing wrong. Is the US government taking lessons in crowd control from the Axis of Evil visionaries or the archaic philosophy of government being divine? It shouldn’t be doubted. If the government will not and cannot lie to us due to some divine right then how do we explain all the lies that they have self admittedly told? Since the subject here has to do with war, then we’ll just stick to that topic. Besides, there is not enough time in any of our lives to write about all the lies that governments, especially our own in modern day America, have come to represent and disseminate.

We’ll start with the lie of Iraq WMDs. Wasn’t that neocon mouthpiece Secretary of State Colin Powell assuring the world that these weapons were discovered and the movements of some of Iraq’s mobile WMD units were even being monitored by satellite?  Didn’t he claim that unless the world united behind them in war the planet would see its obituary written in the form of a mushroom cloud?[6] Now after the fact he gives us his charming smile and claims that he was misled. Misled?! That is outrageously criminal even if we were to believe it! To be the willing spoke in the wheel of the chariot of Mars and all the dead and dying from the depleted uranium in our own army and white phosphorus used over condemned death camps like Fallujah while then claiming that he was misled shows us he was not the right material for the job and should have never taken it in the first place if he was truly misled on such a historic issue. In defense of his indefensible lies he further stresses that it was up to the President to have verified the veracity of the documentation which took us into the prelude to World War III. If he didn’t find it worth his time to investigate the issue properly instead of parroting the neocon line then he is also complicit in their crimes.

Just like most of you out there I personally like Colin Powell. So in my American-ness to always be the apologist for some criminal in our hijacked government I took it upon myself to find a way to somehow exonerate this man whom we all like to believe cares for goodness in this world. Looking closer at his testimony at the United Nations Security Council I could totally understand what he meant when he said that he had been misled and can even find some sympathy for the man if he hadn’t committed such a grand crime against humanity along with every other neocon. The mafia thugs sitting behind him – John Negroponte and George Tenet- representing the neocon Stars of War are enough to make most life-loving men worry about their turned back. So when Secretary Powell says he was misled, I tend to believe that he meant that he was misled from the path of righteousness by intimidation from the men behind him, not that he didn’t know the whole thing was a big lie. These politicians are very crafty with words. Remember William J. Clinton and his powers of verbal manipulation?

This is the only argument I can find to be able to walk away from Colin as a man and still think of him as a man and not a monster, for it is impossible to believe that he, out of all of us, could have been misled by that shoddy material passed off as evidence while the intelligence community itself had grumblings running all through it during those months of deceit. I was not in the thick of it all and did not claim worthiness of statecraft as he did, but even to me the whole thing stank of lies from the first moment they made their march towards war in 2002, just like I can smell this last one being cooked up right now and have to step outside for fresh air.

Even I stood up against those lies and the 2003 war despite the fact that Saddam and his forces had tried to kill me and my family 22 years before in a surrounded war torn border town, because the deception was so obvious. Many socially visible people like former weapons inspectors Hans Blix who had served in disarming Iraq provided their misgivings publicly and to the heads of US, UK and Australia in their private meetings.[7] Some like Scott Ritter even went further and held public conferences on how such lies were only being used for advancement of a regime change policy and the 1990s inspections had in fact disarmed Iraq.[8] Yet it seems that in this whole wide world it was only those in the Bush Administration and Congress who had been misled and in turn tried to mislead others. Strange indeed!

The case of lying in pursuit of endless wars is not contained just to the Iraq War incident so well known by now for most people. In fact the US government has been lying for so long on so many things that it even lies when it does not have to. The case of the fictional rescue of Private Jessica Lynch is a prime example of this; a total fabrication to keep the Sheeple distracted and the TV news ratings high off the war imposed misery of nations while our sons and daughters of liberty fall to the scythe of the globalist warmongers as their brethren at home fall to the pipe dreams of its hammer & sickle fantasies.[9] The culture of lies is by now so embedded that to stop it would make the whole system crash on its head. So many lies have piled up on top of each other for the past 70 years that to tell the truth actually has become a revolutionary act and there are laws now in place in the United States which make that telling illegal in more ways than one can imagine.

The attack on Whistleblowers and alternative media sources are two glaring examples of this Orwellian reality. A not so glaring one is the Patriot Act itself and its many provisions which make it illegal for anyone to even speak of the government’s illegal search and seizures in the name of fighting shadowy phantoms, basically the non-existent shadows of non-existing ‘terrorist’ characters. Good luck catching them! No wonder they have to make up stories about killing them and losing or disposing their bodies in the process. Very spellbinding spy stories to keep us spellbound through manipulation of our most vulnerable points of pleasure: the exhilarating fear factors which make us feel alive but known to be lies by our subconscious, like playing a videogame. So lying is being legislated into these United States and not the least for our own benefit in the goal of keeping us safe from what we could become if left to our own free will. We must be real monsters indeed!!!

A Century of Wars of Lies and Dogs of War

Still Mrs. Clinton finds the humor to claim that such lies can never be made up, but as a matter of fact every war the US has been involved in since the end of the 19th Century has been based on lies, some partially true. Every one of those wars based on lies?! I know that it is hard to believe until you do the research. Do the research but I’ll give you an overview in the meantime. The 1898 Spanish-American War which commenced the republic’s pangs of pain into a burgeoning empire was based on the lie that the Spanish had attacked the USS Maine in Havana Harbor. It is now accepted that the explosion on the ship had actually been caused by mechanical failure. The Gulf of Tonkin Incident speeding up the Vietnam conflict into a full-fledged war was not an incident at all even though it started the US off on the road to large budget deficits and greater debt slavery all the while fattening the globalists with war profits. That dated incident had in fact never happened.[10] The Sinking of the Lusitania which brought the US into World War I and tangled her into wars of foreign ambitions, the exact kinds the founding fathers had warned against, was also tangled in a web of deceit as she was carrying arms after all.[11]

And what about FDR’s foreknowledge of the attack on Pearl Harbor which further pushed the republic into a position where through the creation of the UN she has given up most of her sovereignty and that of the rest of the people of the world to a tiny banking elite which runs that institution?[12] All the lesser wars were also based in deceit and pushed on an unsuspecting American public wanting nothing to do with such risky adventurisms. After all as you can see, all these wars have been the engines which turned a free republic with a fair sized small government up to 1898 into the behemoth imperial regime which today is crushing the will of the people in the process of crashing on the republic itself so it can rise into a phoenix called the New World Order (of death and tyranny). These lies which have led us into never ending wars since 1898 are suffocating the American people and the spirit of the republic under their constant state of chaos that has given birth to the longest state of emergency government in history of our times.

The US has been in a state of constant warfare abroad and at home since 1917: World War I (1914-1918), Alcohol Prohibition (1919-1933), 1930s’ Drug War or the War on Drugs II, World War II from 1941 (1939-45), the Berlin Blockade crisis (1948-9), the Cold War (1948-1989), the Korean War (1951-Present with no peace in sight), the Cuban Missile Crisis (1962), the Vietnam War (1954-75),  War on Drugs III (1971-Present), Grenada (1983), Panama (1989), Iraq (1990-Present), Yugoslavia (1994-1999), Afghanistan (2001-Present), Libya (2011), Uganda (commenced presently) and now Iran?(20??-end times?)![13]

It must be pointed out that the First Persian Gulf (Iraq 1990-1) War was also based on lies and duplicity, when Saddam was given a free hand to invade Kuwait, after asking for US permission,[14] in reaction to her use of slant drilling technology for theft of Iraqi oil, hurting Iraq’s oil revenues by flooding the market despite OPEC agreements, and some historic border issues.[15] Yugoslavia War was likewise riddled with lies[16] whereby Serbs were disenfranchised in the geopolitical game whose modern map they had so much affected in favor of the Anglo-American empire establishment in their short history as a nation. For this service they signed their own geopolitical death warrant in line with all servants of empire, man or state.

The ‘War on Terror’ based on the official 911 fables, which are too many to count here, is another war that serves no purpose but to destroy the republic and freedom. The Taliban were more than willing to surrender that CIA agent Tim Osman – A.K.A. Osama Bin Laden[17] – accused of being the mastermind, if a shred of evidence was provided them, a requirement under any extradition or international treaty. Apparently the US case was so air tight that the government saw no need to show any of it to a bunch of ‘religious ragheads’ who couldn’t read it anyways – On second thought we all seem to be included in that category.[18]  Instead it was decided to use our soldiers as guinea pigs in yet another experiment on the ever ready for warAmerican people. So in the end, once again, the only evidence shown was that of our own criminality and total disregard for truth, humanity or international laws we have committed to, instead of a shred of proof for the reasons used in going to war. We have also shown our utter contempt for the victims of 911 by cowering in the face of pursuing the truth behind their untimely and unjust demise.

As regards the people which we attacked, no matter what barbarity we accuse them of, unlike we who in the ‘civilized’ world use up our allies then discard them as easily as a rotting piece of flesh, those ‘barbarians’ actually protect their guests to the death until proof of their guilt has been presented by an outsider with a grievance. That is why we can never defeat them, unless we killed the whole lot of them, and are now scrambling to leave the scene yet once again as in Vietnam. Because in all their barbarism our self-designated enemies have not forgotten what it is to be human while in all our talk of human rights and democracy we have forgotten what it is to be free beings, free to let our humanity rule and not to rule all that it is human.

Wars of Hope and Change

Instead we have arisen to represent a system which has come to be the representation of treachery by any historical definition. If you think that our record has gotten any better with the ushering of the Hope and Change era of peace prizes, think again. As soon as Qaddafi trusted our leaders and opened the gates of his country to our Trojan horse globalist virus system, he started the final countdown of his own life and that of his government and country’s sovereignty. The corrupted money system which has utterly demoralized America tainted all that Libya’s isolation had kept sanitary and pure from outside treachery and opened rifts in society that had so far lay dormant or did not exist. This is the exact reason why most sovereign nations try by all means to keep out Madison Avenue inspired mass consumerist culture which we have come to represent and is used as a soft power weapon of demoralization analogous to the use of opium by the British in 19th Century China. The British were willing to wage Opium Wars in defense of their tool of control no differently than warfare is being used by today’s empire to push the new and improved drugs of its slavery, the corrupted consumerist propaganda and its debt bondage: the mass produced films, music and foods all engineered in their own fashion to destroy sovereignty, both national and individual.

It is in the end the folly of sovereign nations to think that they can sleep with the dogs of war and catch no fleas from Mars. The Ayatollah Khomeini warned of relations between Iran, and historically oppressed countries like her, with the United States. His warning still holds true as it did with Libya but in reality it would be more accurate to substitute his use of America as the antagonist in question with the term ‘globalists’.  In this view of his statement, sovereign free entities are like lambs and the globalists are as wolves. There can be no relations between them without the wolf showing its nature in the end. Consequently the war on Libya’s sovereignty which followed was no less a hoax than all the other wars mentioned so far: “At the same time that Western governments were claiming that Colonel Qaddafi was firing at his own people from the air and this required intervention and a UN mandate for a No Fly-Zone, those highest in the US defense establishment were admitting that there was no proof of such a thing. In a DOD News Briefing with Secretary Gates and Admiral Mullen at the Pentagon in March of 2011,[19] in question to the veracity of the claims of Libyan military air attack on civilians the defense secretary replied that, ‘we’ve seen the press reports, but we have no confirmation of that,’ to which Admiral Mullen adds, ’that’s correct. We’ve seen no confirmation whatsoever.’”[20]

America can soon claim to have had its own 100 years’ wars as we near the centennial of her entry into the battlefields of the First World War. We have had more wars in the past century than films like Star Trek or Friday the 13th have had sequels. There have been so many that the Congress doesn’t even want to vote on them anymore and is happy to just let the President become Caesar. In order to be able to differentiate all these war we have to number them: Iraq I, II and III; Afghanistan I (proxy war against the Soviets in the 1980s) and II (the illegitimate War on Terror); World War I, II, and now finally World War III? In the old days the Roman slave citizens were ruled by numbered emperors such as Gordian I or II, the Byzantines the likes of Emperors Julian I or II or German subjects under the rule of Wilhelm I or II. In much the same way we are ruled by a series of numbered emperors as well. Except our emperors are Dogs of War named after the conflicts which keep us fighting while the establishment enemy consolidates its gains against us and our posterity to the point where we go back right where civilization had started from (like Chutes and Ladders except this game is fixed): full blown out slavery where we have no rights and what we keep is a pittance of what we are worth and what we earn. That is if we are lucky (if that’s what living in their slave world would be worth calling) enough to be allowed to live by their most gracious lordships.

Those in our government calling for more wars are nothing but traitors who are using this latest ‘terror plot’ hoax as a diversion for the economic coup d’état already in the process to impoverish us so they can bring in their North American Union, the Amero, carbon taxes, full geo-engineering and destruction of the American way of life. A way of life so anathema to their existence because it is rooted in the values of freedom and rule of law – one which was spreading across the world before their globalist overthrow of the republic – where their crony corporate fascism could not survive the light of day. If this war comes I will have to sit it out, not just because I am a patriot constitution sworn American while being from Iran by default, but because as one who lived on the Iraqi border during the 1980 war and was surrounded by Iraqi tanks as a child, I still remember the charcoaled bodies littered and strewn all over the city of Ahwaz and the roads leading to it. I don’t have to imagine what war is like by playing some virtual game because I was making ‘Molotov Cocktails’ for the defense of our city while the older kids saved the rest of us with their bravery. Still I don’t shirk from it and would go back if called to defend freedom but I wouldn’t go through that experience again to advance the goals of globalists and globalism, the enemies of humanity. Although everyone has the right to speak on any topic, I know I have earned the right to speak of such things, unlike most armchair pundits on cable ‘news’ channels. I also have the duty to warn my patriot brothers and sisters that taking geopolitics for something to be trifled with will end up destroying our military, our free American Republic and the world as we have loved it and once was. We cannot have freedom without our republic and we cannot have our republic without freedom. In (a constant state of) war, freedom is the second casualty. Apparently truth is the first.

Making a Goliath out of David

The Iranian people are an ancient people as old as history has been written by scribes of politics. They are heirs to the great Mede, Persian and Parthian empires of antiquity and the grand Islamic thinkers whose ideas sparked the European Renaissance. They are not just Persian, who are fierce and cunning themselves, but in all 80 million strong who also include courageous Kurds, resolute Azerbaijanis and proud Shia Arabs. They are free spirited Turkmens and Gilak mountain men, rough Pashtuns, tough Tajiks and irrepressible Baluchis. There are Mongols in the northeast and remnants of black slaves in the south called Bandaris (Port People) who are just as patriot an Iranian as we are as multi-cultured constitutional Americans. They have fought wars from time immemorial with the Greeks, Romans, Mongols, Central Asian tribes, Czarist Russians and British imperial forces, have defeated them, been defeated by them, but never surrendered. Even after major defeats, or being conquered, they always rose back like the Phoenix, stronger, having absorbed the conqueror and his strengths. It has not been without reason that they have survived as a nation, diverse as the world around them, for the past 3000 years, unlike other countries subjugated by our wars since Vietnam.

When Rome could expand no further it was only because the Germanic Tribes and the Iranian people had held it to its limits and away from the vast wealth of Eurasia. Roman emperors such as Valerian and Triumvirates like Crassus and his son were taken prisoner and their armies destroyed. To Alexander the Great, the Goliath to cut down was the mighty Persian Empire. Sure, they have been defeated many times in history, perhaps just as much as they defeated others and conquered, but each war they have not been defeated in has been one that they knew they were being unjustly attacked. The fight against injustice is the glue which keeps Shia ideology together and permeates the body of political thought in the whole of the region from Mesopotamia to the Afghan highlands. Iran having been an overland-bridge all throughout its history has absorbed and repelled invasions from every great empire and in the process has been toughened as steel. Even today Iran is very advanced in its military technology and far surpasses any enemy which the US has faced in battle since the Second World War.[21]

As Americans we have come to feel justified to move into other nations’ neighborhoods and once they defend themselves accuse them of terrorism as we perform worst acts upon them. Iran is admonished for any moves inside Iraq or Afghanistan in defense of its national security while our successive American regimes have declared it their suicidal goal to topple their government and partition their country through creation and support of terrorist organizations within her sovereign territory.[22] What has to be understood is that in eyes of its people Iran has been partitioned too many times in the past two centuries. Afghanistan and Iran were once one country and what affects one affects the other. Yet we feel it our right to meddle in Afghanistan with so much wanton brutality, use it as a base to distribute opium worldwide and destabilize the region whilst expecting its neighbors who are taking the brunt of the fallouts sit idly and wait for us to destroy their country next.[23] I ask you: what have the Iranians ever done to us? Have they overthrown our government like we overthrew their democratic constitutional republic in 1953 and forced a brutal dictatorship on them for the next quarter century? Have they forced a proxy war on us like we did on them when we as leaders of the free world supported Saddam Hussein’s invasion of their country from 1980 to 1988? But what we should learn from those experiences – and yes, we should learn from our historical mistakes  – is that if we keep meddling in the affairs of everyone else we shall lose sight of our own affairs and end up in the same exact place we are today: bankrupt and in shambles!

Before we make ourselves any new enemies we must learn who they are and if it is folly to make foes of them. The Iranian people fought for 8 years against the whole of the world as all of Europe, America, China, the USSR and the Arab World poured the most modern weapons and fresh troops into Iraq and killed close to a million patriots of all Iran’s ethnicities. You should take some time and see some of the videos from that war.[24] Not yet adult age brave youngsters beg to be allowed to go to the front. Old and young attack the enemy wave after wave in scenes not recorded since the grand battles of the Eastern Front as the Soviets pushed back the invading Nazi Hordes. We as Americans fight because – well I’m not even sure why we are fighting all over the world anymore – we swallow lies easily and don’t have enough courage in our power aswe the people to stand in defense of the constitution, of our rights to be free and live in abundance that is not illusory. We let lies dictate the course of American history while knowing that these wars have benefited a few at the top but impoverished America in the process. We have lost touch with whom or what we are and even what purportedly we are fighting to protect. Astonishingly we have been put in the awkward position where the people we have invaded from Afghanistan to Iraq or Libya are fighting to defend truth in face of lies which we have made a habit to fight for and to serve. I am sure the awakened ones amongst us comprehend the gravity of these turns of event in American history as America, the symbol of freedom and truth for so long, has come to stand for lies and those we call our enemies by default have come to fight for truth while defending themselves against us and the falsities we have come to embody in the abrogation of our historical duties to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.

Zionism vs. Judaism

Some would claim that this Western desired war with Iran should more accurately be referred to as one between the Iranian and Jewish peoples. There has never been such a war and even today the animosity for it does not exist. Cyrus the Great is revered by religious Jews, even inside Israel, for having freed the Jews from Babylonian satanic slavery and rebuilding the Great Temple of Jerusalem. Besides Turkey, Iran is the only country in the Middle East with a large Jewish population of some 30,000 who thrive from its free market and have been a welcomed feature of its society and an integral part of its history.[25] It is the Zionists and their neocon allies who make such baseless claims as the inevitability of a great Clash of Civilizations, in search for some manner of excuse to ignite their next great war. Zionism uses, and has since its inception used the Jewish people as a cover for its own deeds while the responsibility for its vile acts have time and again been wrongly placed upon the shoulders of the Jews.[26] In fact some of the most influential Zionist figures in recent history are not even Jewish and one does not have to be a Jew to be a Zionist. The ranks of Christian Zionists flourish all over Europe and America. This is because Zionism is not an ideology which has sprung from the desire of the Jewish people but one which has been forced upon them by forces of imperialism as their only choice to have true independence.[27]

It must be understood then that Zionism is not synonymous with the Jewish people. The most religious like the Neturei Karta understand that Zionism has nothing to do with Jews but is the spearhead of an imperialist system whose goal is the destruction of the Jewish people and all people of god.[28] This system of lies has gathered countless Jews in one small place and surrounded them with people who have been abused in their name for the past 60 years and fully turned against them, in hopes to start a war which would destroy most if not all unsuspecting souls involved. This Satanic system has no love for the Jewish people and that is why awakened Jews detest Zionism for the threat it is posing to Judaism which it hates for being the word of god. Today, even by Israel’s own account, there are no threats anywhere in the region which she cannot defend against. She even admitted that Iran does not have nuclear weapons and even if it tried it would be years away from developing them.[29] Yet at the same time at every turn the neocon/Zionist alliance has been agitating for an attack on and invasion of Iran. Barring any justifiable reasons for an attack or invasion, the globalists are more than willing and capable to start another war with the old False Flag tricks up their long deceiving sleeves. Old School globalist politician and self-proclaimed strategist Gary Hart went as far as threatening Tehran with just such a scenario back in 2007. He cited past false flag conflict igniters such as the USS Maine and the Gulf of Tonkin incidents to warn Iran that truth shall not stand in the way of war if the globalists have anything to do with it.

Shouting at the Devil(s)

This article has been written as a warning in defense of the constitution and the republic and addressed to genuine awakened American patriots in a call for special vigilance in goal of arresting development of the next war and thus preventing a full-blown world conflict as the enemy of humanity desires. It is also addressed to the enemy of humanity, the globalist traitors, and is therefore a warning to the Dogs of War as well. One good turn deserves another. They always warn humanity of their dirty deeds and unholy plans against us in their whitepapers and by the besmirched smirking mouths of their prophets of doom such as Pike, Crowley or Kissinger, here and in many other organs of patriotic propaganda we return the favor. To the zealous Zionists, neophyte neocons, Boche-like Bushies and chain gang driving Cheneys, cowardly Clintons, blood and gore eugenicist Gore Boys, xenophobic Sarkozys, Satan worshipping Blairs and Pretty Boy Floyd fake libertarian Cleggs and camarones Camerons and all your groveling minions, here is a message given by one of your own to humanity once before when our forefathers defeated your kind.

It was another of your dogs of war, Adolf Hitler who said these prophetic words, but words which he in the evil he represented directed at one of our brethren, the Jewish people, but now we direct them back at theMasters of Tyranny themselves. The warning in short is this: If you, the globalist enemies of humanity, try to pull the world into yet another great war, the ending will not be what you imagine it to be, one with you sitting on piles of human skull counting your ill-gotten gains and licking the blood off your chops, but one which will have you hiding in any hole you can find, looking for a Crassus to take your fortune but save your hide. Yes, your kingdom for a horse indeed! But when that time comes the likes of Crassus will be hiding in holes themselves for we will hunt every one of your kind down for the dogs that you are, bring you to justice, strip you of your ill-gotten gains and send you to the depths of Hades which you have chosen to serve of your own free will, a free will which you want to deny to all others. This you cannot control and this you cannot change no matter how many of us you kill. Like ants we shall multiply and like ants we shall eat your body politic alive. You have been warned!

First posted to Global Governance Archive.

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5 Responses

  1. GJS says:

    I certainly don’t like the direction they are taking us.
    Surely people must realise now that both major parties are tarred with the same brush & the only way things can be halted & changed is by voting AGAINST both major parties short of Revolution that is & anything is worth trying before that.
    My best wishes to you all

  2. 1. Euro-Iranians / Amero-Iranians showed how loyal they were to Iran by LEAVING (with the ill gotten wealth from drugs and other illegal contraband)
    2. We can see the current author an Amero-Iranian showed his loyalty to AMERISRAEL by joining the military machine AGAINST those who fight against the New World Order, MUSLIMS.
    3. Euro-Iranians / Amero-Iranians are pretty much though not completely outside of Islam. The lot of them, not all Alhamdulillah, have said good bye to Islam and have joined the party crew of nationalism and defining freedom as “fighting for the right to party” in tehran.
    4. Iran was and always will be a MUSLIM nation. For those that want to argue this point, I can give you all the history lessons you like, and you can call me the tazi butt kisser all you like.
    5. Iranian regime might be brutal, but yeah I would love kick the ass of any (former) Iranian that will talk lies about Islam too, and there are a lot more of us from all muslim countries. We have more right to claiming Iran regardless of your genetics.
    6. When SADDAM invaded, 99% of you guys ran like chickens with your wealth and did NOT stay to defend the country.
    7. I suppose some of your kids joined the American army, with your rifles loaded and pointed on some Iranian kids, just like your rifles were loaded against Iraqian kids.
    8. I repeat again, you guys are part of the NWO problem. Iran and Islam are not, and never will be. You all STAY OUT of this war because we know what side the lot of you chose with your parties in Beverly Hills and Berlin.

    You guys are despicable and if you leave Islam just go join some Merc-Corp and gain some ill gotten wealth just like you all did in Iran and send yourselves to hell.

  3. Spectator says:

    Great synopsis. Thanks.

  4. Shine says:

    Ron Paul suggest Obama impeachment NOW so we dont have to go trought this, Ron Paul said End all unconstitutioonal WARS, Vote Ron Paul, support him.

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