War With Russia Is The Democrat’s Oct. Surprise


Because the mainstream media is devoting almost all of their time and energy to covering the Trump and Clinton campaigns, most Americans don’t realize that …


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  1. thanks Obama and Hillary for war. I realy hope that U.S.A will not go in war with Russia. This is insane, if U.S. go in war wit Russia Obama cant leave White House. He doesent care about people, he only want be U.S. dictator. Obama and Hillary support ISIS and this couse troubles to the all world. I dont understand why U.S. citizens vote for liar muslim like Obama. He lieed about his religion and a lot of things, he eaven not kept his promises. And Hillary work only for rich people and she is a KKK supporter, why afro-american vote for this witch, she was a Goldwater Girl (very cool for presidential candidate) dont vote for thisn sick woman, she is psyco and Obama is a traitor fucking new order. Midle class people will became pore class, thanks Hillary for supporting yourselfe

  2. Kypreos01 says:

    Voting for Hillary is voting for WW3. Voting for Trump is voting for civil war. America is fucked either way…

  3. Thankfully the people are beginning to understand just how deep the Mob has penetrated politics, the media and the arts. I am waiting for the Trump story where he likes children: boiled or fried. America has been governed by criminals for the last 60 years no matter who was in power. Trump will clean them out.

  4. Amber G says:

    I want to fight the confedrate rebels will stand for the united states again

  5. Troy J says:

    Both parties are completely unacceptable.

    I have ALREADY cast my vote for Jill Stein.

  6. Tim Reichert says:

    I like the Russians.
    I don't like our democrats.
    I don't like islam.

  7. humlakullen says:

    Lol… Keep selling that fear and paranoia Alex. I bet u r laughing all the way to the bank.

  8. Putin is bad. I hope he starts something if Hillary is elected. As an American citizen I am entitled to my opinion and just like with surveys one person represents many many many others.

  9. Dana S says:

    She's full of shit…. I can't stand her. if she gets elected I'm moving out of this country. screw this shit.

  10. Dana S says:

    I'm definitely moving

  11. watch you're not red by red people video .1.6 billion Buddhists China and Russia embrace Buddhism .

  12. vote for Hillary you will get a draft card in the future.

  13. GIANTSECRETS says:

    Hitlary clinton isn't a expert on global war. She reminds me of miss piggy. Imagine miss piggy clinton talking about taking over the world.

  14. GIANTSECRETS says:

    The Vatican controls the world bankers and the US.

  15. Jay Lewis says:

    Why is this guy just one sided

  16. Jay Lewis says:

    What about Bush??? What did he do? Can someone tell me?

  17. Please acknowledge that the transnational criminal cabal which runs the country is neither Right nor Left, neither Republican nor Democrat, neither Conservative nor Liberal. They simply use the best intentions of both sides of the political spectrum to siphon away our brotherly love and unity. However, we have the ultimate weapon: Unconditional Love.

  18. TheKazimmert says:

    alex they are even playing your radio clips here on mainstream media radio trying to discredit you and that trump is copying your ideas, i dunno how many american registered voter are here but its weird, they played your clip where you discuss hillary and obama being demons lol keep the info war up its hurting them that bad they need to discredit you worldwide
    the righteous path shall start with the exodus of hell from earth

  19. Danny Zuko says:

    People will not go along with this — they just won't. There is not the morale in the country to go toe to toe with Russia. Do you remember in 2014 (?) when there was a mainstream backlash against going to war with Syria? And that was before this election which was the final nail in the coffin for any American with a brain cell having faith in the mainstream propaganda war machine. NOBODY believes that Russia hacked the DNC, those emails were handed over by whistle blowers (most of which are now dead). They will not be able to pull this off. If there was a draft, there would be a civil war.

  20. Krispy Kleen says:

    Obama is a Muslim drug dealer. We elected him.

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