War Without End

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Jim Kirwan

Recently the Valdai Council marked their celebration of the 10th anniversary of their meetings that have been held every year since their founding. Vladimir Putin was the keynote speaker this year.

War Without End

This global organization is the only institution that has challenged the literal history of the world which had its beginning many, many years before WWI. Ironically the World has continued to fight the exact same war that was clearly established during the first global war that has still not ended.

To some this will represent a seemingly impossible situation. If the history surrounding WWI were to be known and studied, as it has never been seen, by most of the people in the firestorm of global war today: Then an entirely different approach would have been pursued over virtually everything that has taken over the public’s response to all the wars and attacks that are still rooted in the treachery and treasons, not to mention the rebellions which moved side by side across the world—throughout the whole series of global changes brought on by WWI.

In brief dual front wars seemed to mark all the events which took the world to war from 1914 to 1919. Chaos ruled that war in every area where its advocates became involved. Global finances and the need for it haunted every movement, regardless of the geographical locations of the loyalties and the treacheries that fed the First World War.

The number of the dead stupefied the planet. In one instance more than the entire number of American’s who died throughout the Vietnam War, during the 15 years of that war were killed in a single day, to give you some idea of how lethal WWI really was.

Imperial ambitions have been driving the world throughout the entire time period from before WWI all the way to this moment today. The number of times that nations switched sides, cutting deals within deals is staggering. All of this could have been very useful to know if anyone had any real knowledge of WWI, yet that “history” has remained largely unknown until now.

The First World War: All ten chapters beginning with The Race to Arms ­ This is the equivalent of an entire year’s worth of study presented in ten parts that should have been mandatory in highschools around the world. Instead the history has remained entombed, which is why so many know nothing of it even today.

Of course “it’s too long” for most to even glance at, but if you ignore this huge piece of history you will never understand the how and why of what continues to unfold around the universe today!

At the ‘conclusion’ of WWI, the borders of many nations were rearranged and four major Empires died: The Ottoman, the Russian, the Austro-Hungarian and the German Empire all fell victim to the theoretical end of WWI. That was only the beginning of the current wars which continued through WWII and have come together again now for this final War Without End ­ because no lessons were learned from all that history.

One of the clear lessons, which the world has not understood or even been aware of were the revolts that took place among the troops on many sides, once they realized that they were just cannon fodder. After a few years of those wars there were revolts, among the troops because of the conditions and the treachery that was evident throughout on all sides.

What Americans have not done throughout these wars of ours that have last three or four times as long, having begun with Vietnam, but without the consequential revolts from within the military is totally inexplicable. Had we known about this history, perhaps the world could have been spared the ongoing bloodbath we are all now participating in?

The Valdai Council and president Putin’s comments at the meeting seems to be the first real challenge to this global tragedy that has continued to the present day.

http://www.niticentral.com/2014/10/25/putin-valdai-speech-video-partial-transcript-242047.html 3hrs and 2 min VIDEO.

What Putin says in his address to the wider world amounts to the absolute facts behind this final overreach by these ancient outlaws to rape, steal and plunder the world: Which clearly had its beginnings in WWI. Instead of War, War and lots more War, Putin is calling for dialogue and real changes from everything that has brought the world to this “War Without End”.

Here’s the list of the videos that will take you from before WWI to the imaginary end of it:

Part One: The Race to Arms


PART Two: Under the Eagle


PART Three: Global War 1914-1916


Google blocked the rest of this unless I sign into Google, which would clearly put me on their list of suspects, formally: That should tell you all you need to know about who does NOT want you to know about this world changing series…

Those who are serious will find other ways to watch the entire series…

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