WARCRAFT (Honest Game Trailers)


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20 Responses

  1. SGTAB says:

    Make Age of Empires!!!

  2. Please say: "September 28th daylight
    The monsters have overtaken the city…somehow….I still alive"

  3. Gem Flores says:

    say "Dad, I'm pregnant." :D

  4. You know it's funny but all in all the movie was okay. It actually was better than what I thought it was going to be. Might be the best Video game movie so far. But they got greedy trying to make it be a set up for squeals.

  5. DaBear Jew says:

    GTA San Andreas or Fable series honest trailer would be sick.

  6. I liked the warcraft film. don't know why people hated it.

  7. say " Am not gonna kill you Im just gonna hurt you really really bad "

  8. shadows of mordor please

  9. Bi$harp says:

    Turns out the movie is well received among fans so you can eat shit Smosh.


  11. Onur Ozdemir says:

    SMITE Honest Trailer pls , it has been soo long pls pls pls pls

  12. Chino Cocoa says:

    "Craft Macaroni and War. You know you love it". ROLF!

  13. Buda Yen says:

    how to play warcraft
    step1: 1844374382057qweruaasdddsaa23 F1 F5 346121345
    step2: win

  14. Rye Hots says:

    You can play wc1 ? I can't stand the game engine any more.

  15. Chris Read says:

    Hmm, off to to look at night elf porn

  16. Chris Read says:

    Never liked MOBA's, don't relay like RTS anymore either.

  17. do the dragon ball series

  18. sean 陈 says:

    Do Fallout New Vegas please!


  20. Palas says:

    How about Ori and the blind forest?

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