Warning Dream About North Korea & World War 3


North is not alone. The media is telling us that their missiles cant reach the United States , but China and Russia missile can . Repent and ask Jesus into your life .


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  1. Brian White says:

    I believe the image of your having a baby is symbolic of the rapture of the Church the birthpangs getting so bad then climaxing after North Korea fires its missiles towrds the US. We being the church, the Bride of Christ is taken out as the missiles hit, We go up and missiles come down. This would also disguise the rapture event if some nukes went off in the devastation. Let me know what you think and God bless may He have mercy on us

  2. I agree with you. 100%

  3. i also agree with you and brian. i agree because i know what God showed me in a vision/dream as a child.i saw jesus as a bright light and i asked if it was him or a bomb and the holy spirit said the bombs are later. then he said atomic seconds(there was a pause in between the words atomic and seconds.he gave me understanding that he had to take us at that moment or we would get hit by the atomic bomb which would hit seconds after he takes us.also the word moment in 1cor15:52 is atomic second

  4. Right….Im ready to go!

  5. Sarah Gold says:

    You are right I believe God will allow this to happen because a man of God Dumitru Duduman was told by an angel of God that this country is mystery Babylon and 4 States were Sodom and Gomorrah's California Nevada Florida New York people really need to repent their sins to Jesus and be saved NOW TIME IS RUNNING OUT.

  6. Truth Seeker says:

    I dreamt that Australia would have a catastrophic event in the summer solstice of 2013 there are alot of things coming our way because we are living through tribulations but yes our faith is in Jesus, God, the holy spirit and the trinity will keep us believers safe. God bless.

  7. America is due for Judgement

  8. and i also had a dream that i was burning in hell but i think is because the rock music i listen to so i just threw out all my music album all my satanic pantagrams and my clothing with satanic symbols and before that i had a dream that i was listening to heavy metal and this guy i know from church says in the dream he tells me get ready our time is near and im like saying no its not your crazy and right then he disapears and his clothes falls on the ground and his bible it was a weird dreamihad

  9. America has fallen away from God. America IS due for judgement.

  10. Michael L says:


  11. Sarah Gold says:

    Mystery Babylon is the USA and God is angry with her, Obama's first election the Chicago pick 3 lottery was 666 and pick 4 was 7779, 777 is God's number 9 is God's judgement on the USA and her king Obama. People repent your sins to Jesus and trust in him he is the only one who can save us, she is right so many States are becoming Sodom and Gomorrah's, I had a strange message from a man and he didn't know what the message meant. Lady is asking for blessing but there is no blessing for her.

  12. Kyle William says:

    I had a dream that a nuclear bomb struck D.C. and many were completely vaporized even 100 miles away. I've had other dreams of innumerable venomous spiders were lining up against us to destroy (an army). Perhaps this is the 40,000 Islamic terrorist cells preparing for jihad against us. I also had a dream of a microchip being implanted into people. I woke up to find out that the Mark of the Beast prototype is going to be forced shortly on those with welfare disability and EBT benefits in the U.S.

  13. We are already in war3 since September 11,2001. My people still thinking that we not yet in warwar3 but we are . The situation in getting worst . And I think that your vision
    is what is coming after the economical collapse take place in the us.

  14. rememberGOD1 says:

    The baby is symbolic of the birth pangs coming before HIS return.Thanks for sharing and being a watchwoman on the wall.

  15. Love to u sister. Thanks for the vid 🙂

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