VIDEO SOURCE: THE HOUR IS LATE (EXTENDED VERSION) SEVENTHVIAL213 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JCsK9rIKUE ≪ ♚ ≫ ..✞☭☮☯.. There is a …


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  1. this cant be real this is fake i hope its fake at least O_O god save us all

  2. IS OF ZOMBIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jesus is coming back ! Give your life to Jesus, He is the only way to eternal life!

  4. Richard Luis says:

    This is just another derivative of PCP

  5. nibus9 says:

    This is the New World Order

  6. folks if any of you are suffering from severe drug addiction and hooked up into marujuana then kindly do watch CHRIS LASALA and DEREK PRINCE and REBACCA BROWN and JOHN RAMIREZ video on YouTube definitely it will be helpful to your life AMEN

  7. Stalkerx13 says:

    wtf what kind of drug is this?

  8. Stalkerx13 says:

    Who is making this drug?

  9. zorro9992 says:

    Get your conceal and carry permit and be safe.

  10. Amber Dawn says:

    I am truly grateful to be a young woman in recovery. The drugs are getting so much worst.

  11. Vicky Mendez says:

    john 3:16.everyone repent before Jesus comes so we can go with our heavily father. JESUS LOVES ALL OF YOU GOD BLESS EVERYONE

  12. Tunui M says:

    i was looking for the crazed guy in the thumbnail hoping he would be in the video lol

  13. revache78 says:

    whos betting that a zombie gamer is getting ready to kill some zombies

  14. its time for BATMAN begins lol

  15. Just another drug. just another fucked up junky not Demons ??

  16. 3:11 that is the cringiest thing i hav ever seen in my lyf..i bet nobody can beat the awkward in that situation

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