WARNING: Obama Is Preparing for THIS Massive Move in June [VIDEO]


As one of the terms of Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, the State Department will have transferred $12 billion to Iran during negotiations, which are scheduled to end in June. This is essentially giving aid to a sworn enemy of the United States.

Great Britain

Iran’s top leaders have close ties to Hezbollah and renewed its alliance with Hamas last summer during the Gaza violence. So Obama is essentially giving $12 billion to supporters of terrorists.

According to former Bill Clinton adviser Dick Morris, these Iranian funds were frozen during the Carter and Reagan administrations. Now Obama is releasing those funds at a rate of half a billion dollars a month.

In comparison, Morris explains, the United States gives Israel $3 billion in aid a year. Iran is currently receiving more funds from America than any other country, except Afghanistan (where we still have troops present).

Obama also publicly admitted to his pro-Iran stance when he vowed to veto any legislation to impose new sanctions on Iran.

Recently, an Argentinian prosecutor who was leading the investigation on the bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires in the 1980s was found dead. It was called a suicide, but the prosecutor was getting closer to implicating Iran in the bombing.

He had even found ties to the planning of the bombing and the new president of Iran, Morris claimed.

One of the first demands Iran made as Obama’s nuclear negotiations started was that the Argentinian investigation be stopped. Not that that’s suspicious or anything.

You can watch Morris’ comments here, courtesy of Viral Buzz:

It is terrifying to watch the elected leader of the United States do everything he can to circumvent the U.S. Constitution so that he can provide aid to one of our nation’s enemies.

But, given that Obama did campaign on a platform of change, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised to learn that this is the kind of change he had planned all along.

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