Warning WW3! 3 World War, Hacker Guccifer! Illuminati, Nuclear Attack in the USA


News, The New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/11/11/world/europe/for-guccifer-hacking-was-easy-prison-is-hard-.html Warning! 3 World War begins …


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  1. Ro Ma says:

    Welcome to new age, people!

  2. Cara como a maioria dos inscritos do seu canal são brasileiros e acredito que poucos dominam a língua inglesa fluentemente, acho que você deveria narrar os vídeos ou então colocar legendas em Português !

  3. P J Hunter says:

    Oh, good hacker was arrested. NOT.

  4. alfense60 says:

    This coulld happen tomorrow nov 11 2015 the illuminatie planned this just like the ending of worldwar 1 at … Nov 11 at 11 o clock you better be warned

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