Was Snowden On The Boeing 777 Crash Landing At SF Airport???


Kiwi Kimmy

I have to ask the question was Snowden on board this Boeing 777 that crashed in SF?  The last actual proof we had of Snowden’s where abouts was Hong Kong.  If he was actually in Moscow as we were lead to believe, wouldn’t the CIA or FBI have gotten there pretty quickly?

The Boeing 777 was reportedly carrying 290 passengers when it crashed at SF airport.  All the video’s and pictures look to me as if it was torn apart, so maybe this wasn’t just a crash.

San Francisco Plane Crash, San Francisco Airport Plane Crash.


Watching this live on CNN only showed military personal at the scene, I would of thought that the rescue services at the airport would of gotten there quicker.  I hate to think there could of been more to this, than a crash but at this moment I do.

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  1. Dave roberts says:

    The media immediately climbed on the pilot error bandwagon, or Asians won’t interrupt a superior. Nonesense, the 2 most important things pilots monitor on final. AIRSPEED & ALTITUDE !!! I don’t care if it is a C-152 or a 777. You ALL need to look at the airports that Asiana flys to, before you start badmouthing the pilots. Most pilots in the U.S. would freak-out if they saw where these Asian pilots have to land. And this is not medieval feudal asia, these are high time professional pilots with over 10,000 hours in heavies, that are not more concerned with honor and respect than crashing an airliner & killing hundreds of people, including themselves ! Let’s hear all ATC audio & the flight recorders IMMEDIATELY & that will tell us what REALLY happened, like maybe one of Boeings fly by wire computers failed & the engines wouldn’t respond. Follow the money, who would be the big loser if that was the case. Wake up, the big companies own the FAA & NTSB; they always have. Why else would it take 12 to 18 months to play the recording, or it was another assassination attempt . 90 to 95% of ALL airliner & prvate jet crashes are assassinations

  2. PHUGEMAWL says:

    I find this story very speculative, air crashes do happen. During my working life I did a lot of flying (as a passenger) and have been in three emergency landings, two of them having to dump all the fuel first. One was a commercial 727, another was a RAAF PC3 Orion and the third was a Bell Jet Ranger helo. Oh yeh, I recall another near miss on takeoff out of Darwin AUS when we were at rotate speed in a 767 and had to suddenly abort because a USAF B52 taxied across our runway without permission. Any one of these events could have been fatal but I guess I was lucky on all occasions

    • 5 War Veteran says:

      Very lucky but as you know any landing you walk away from is a good landing.

    • PHUGEMAWL says:

      Hey War Vet I like your comments, yeh I saw my share of burnt bodies in my job but still love flying, I remember when I flew formation over Sydney with FA18 Hornets I got sick … but remembered to rip off my oxygen mask!

      • 5 War Veteran says:

        It was very fortunate that you remembered to remove your mask. It is bad enough to have to smell that in a cockpit but when it is “in your face” lol It is much worse, not to mention the cleaning problems involved the other way.
        I had my share of P3 Orions and blown engine seals on the way to Shemeya then the 7 hour turn around to Adak because there were not facilities for Orion repair on Shemeya. I do miss the life though.

  3. common law p.a.g. Chris says:

    The TWO similar magically appearing symmetrical near same sized HOLES LooKing Burned or Blown in the ceiling / roof of this specific “777’s”; (curious esoteric occult numerical implications?); Fuselage certainly invites specious due diligent forensic empirical scientific examination?

    Where did the FUEL Sources precisely emanate from;
    to Feed this apparent High temp; (The melting point of aluminum is 660.37 degrees when measured in Celsius and 1220.666 degrees in Fahrenheit), Fire or;

    WHO ordered When and WHY; were they Cut Set or BLOWN and for What specific tactical militant or political purpose?

    Inquiring Minds seek the bona fide Truth and Facts of This Matter???

  4. 5 War Veteran says:

    The question is not unreasonable. It would go a long way to explain why the passengers were told to remain seated after the crash.
    The US and it’s allies are not above destroying a plane and it’s passengers (or buildings in New York) to get one single person. Nor using the event to push foreign policy.

    Do not expect the question to be answered. However this question can also be considered inflammatory and therefore “paper” terrorism.

    • disndat says:

      I agree. Very suspcious that two highly political countries are the victims in this strange crash. I read that airport computers actually control the landing and prevent the pilot from making changes. The Hudson River pilot said that’s why he couldn’t get the engines to give more power to make it to the airport. Also, the landing was worse because computer would not allow him more control!

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