Washington Prepares For World War 3


We are a world at war , and while the major world powers rattle sabers at each other , secretly testing their nuclear capabilities the most important news …


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  1. Paradise33 says:

    why do they have to say it..ahhhhhh. are they trying to fulfill bible prophecy. intentionally, ..peace and security (safety) and we know whats next he told us. DESTRUCTION .GOD have mercy on us

  2. this is all true all the military training for what I live in a small town in Delaware called GreenWood and a plane was flying by my house it was crazy loud my brother thought it was a UFO I think it was a plane and with was soo yeah after that there was a shit load of cops fireman and nothing happen hmm I wonder what happened I believe it was a military training exercise but why in greenwood but why I'm a 12 year old boy and this will all lead up to a ww3

  3. Thanks for your video God bless

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