Watch ACTOR Randy Quaid Expose The Illuminati (Illuminati Exposed) (2017)


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  1. Yvonne Baur says:

    Well, they need to all band together, & stop working, so they can expose it. The question is, will they be too greedy, to give up the $$$, for awhile?

  2. What does his brother say about this?

  3. Hana Gaamoom says:

    Randy Quaid is honest and knows the Hollywood business and he's exposing the hypocrisy.

  4. Pasy Cali says:

    I don t think you are crazy Randy.

  5. why on earth would they bother fucking about with some straight to dvd has been who's biggest thing was independance day years ago ? Chris penn ? seriously who would even notice if he was dead or not…..even Heath ledger ,he wasn't super rich or crazy influential at all Dark knight was thhe biggest thing he'd done and he said himself he prefers to do independant movies……Why kill carradine 30 yrs after he was famous halfway across the world ? seriously ….same with Michael Jackson he was a 50 yr old recluse peadophile junkike slowly going broke who hadn't made a song for ages……Just the fact that quaid can even be sat 'exposing' all this shows me 'they' aint got the power he's claiming……if they could't kill Castro for all thoses years and attempts and someone as huge as Snowden is still alive Im pretty sure randy f'kin Quaid is safe lol

  6. Rick James says:

    I'm glad he cleaned himself up because he wasn't being taken seriously when he looked like a nut!

  7. Elektra Hill says:

    modern mafia he should never have worked with them.

  8. judah j says:

    The word of God tells us that satan would sit in the temple and claim he is god right? Isn't the temple human beings that live on earth? Does the new age religion deceive people into believing they are gods? Could believing this lie cause the great falling away discussed in the bible? Is the mark of the beast a reprobate mind that will no longer obey THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISSAC AND JACOB IN THE NAME OF HIS SON THE CHRIST? Are we looking for an actual antichrist man to APPEAR when the antichrist is a satanic spirit that covers the world and leads man to follow the ways of this lost, corrupt society straight to hell? YES TO ALL? AND IS CHRIST RETURN NEEDING OTHER THINGS TO HAPPEN BEFORE HE RETURNS…..NO (THAT'S THE DECEPTION FOLKS!)
    Christ said he would return at a time we know not, so how is that true if we as religious scholars and devout followers KNOW that things still need to occur before the end? BECAUSE THAT'S THE DECEPTION FOLKS! We don't read the bible. We take others opinions about it and follow,using not our own discernment, but theirs. And most of THEIRS IS ROT IN A SATANIC AGENDA TO DECEIVE YOU! KNOW THIS……CHRIST WILL COME LIKE A THEIF IN THE NIGHT AND THAT NIGHT IS UPON THE WORLD NOW! We must all REPENT NOW! Depart from following the path of this evil world NOW, AND TRUST THAT CHRIST DIED FOR OUR SINS AND IS RETURNING NOW! LIVE every day for the kingdom of God starting today, and always resist the devil starting NOW! I HAVE TOLD YOU THIS, SO PLEASE BELIEVE IT IS FOR A REASON….


  9. Jim Lindsey says:

    I pray to God that He will protect our new, brave president, Donald Trump. Please pray for him to be protected by Our Heavenly Father.

  10. Silver Dust says:

    Randy is not alone,,,,, many whistle blowers lose everything,,,, I KNOW.  You may wind up homeless then harassed by the police.

  11. IS he still alive? IS he still in Vancouver? What happened to him?

  12. Capt. Cutler says:

    Wow. I had no idea!

  13. Hope to see him in the next Russian Vacation movie….

  14. David Carridine was almost decapitated said a friend who identified him, no hiding when they want you

  15. Anti NWO says:

    WE would gladly tell you but for security reasons that information is restricted. However, everyone can do their little part in the pursuit of NWO scumbags by researching on the web who is and who isn't NWO connected. Make a list of everyone you find that IS connected to the NWO and post it on a YouTube video. If you don't know how to make a video on YouTube then learn how, its somewhat simple…………….
    After you make the list in a video which includes their names, addresses, places of work, meeting places where they meet up with their other members on a regular basis, their home phone numbers, their cell phone numbers, their personal addresses, their work addresses, the times they come and go, where their vacation homes are located, where they usually go on vacation, what their car's license plate numbers are, if they are a registered gun owner and what weapons they own, how many children they have and where they go to school, where their wives and husbands sleep at night….which bedroom, what time their mail runs, their medical history, what pharmaceutical they go to get their medications, what medications they are taking, what allergies they have, the name…phone number…and address of their doctors, their criminal histories, where they bank including all international banks, what shares and stocks they own and in what companies, what corporate boards they serve on and to which companies and subdivisions thereof, what companies and corporations they own and under what type of corporation do they own it under, their civil memberships and which civil group they belong to like Masons…Odd Fellows…Shriners…and/or any other cabal based civic organization and for how long and their standing in such organization, their IQ level, their grade  point average and to which university or private college they attended world wide…their major and what degrees they hold…………….
    Before the 8 field operatives can be placed against a NWO target, all of this information must be gathered on the target and all 8 operatives assigned to that target must memorize all of this information before they are even allowed to go into the field for operations but that's not your duty, your duty can be just gathering the information and where you got if from so that inner intel can verify your information and then list it…………….
    Does this sound like something you are willing to take the time to do? If it is then we can use a man/woman like you to serve the humanitarian interests of the innocent victims

  16. TheJules1003 says:

    Randy Quaid is telling you all the truth. The banksters is what I call them and they run my Canada, the US and the entire world except for the Arab countries who don't believe in the interest rates that hold people hostage. If you think that you own your house, etc. forget it you don't. Things are going to get worse as time goes on if the Zionist Jews (banksters) are not stopped. The Zionist Jews own and control Hollywood and they make and break you. Yes they do murder actors and make it look like an accident. Who do you think murdered Michael Jackson and many others. Randy Quaid is telling you the truth. JFK was exposing the Zionist Jew cabal and people just turned their faces elsewhere. The Zionist Jews are destroying the Middle East so as to make "Greater Israel" and there was a book written by a Zionist Jew in the late 1800's or beginning of the 1900's about this and now they are pursuing this project. JFK wanted to make real money in the US but the Zionist Jewish banksters murdered him for that reason along with some other reasons but mostly because of wanting to make real money instead of this monopoly money that has no value and only out to steal from everyone. Marlon Brando (the actor) told about the Jews own Hollywood and this is all very true.

  17. He's telling the truth! Many actors that started speaking out, either "died mysteriously" or went to "rehab" for "reprogramming" MOST PEOPLE DON'T EVEN KNOW THE FEDERAL RESERVE IS NOT A PART OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! RESEARCH IT! ALL THE NEWS STATIONS ARE APART OF IT AS WELL!

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