Watch Michael Jackson EXPOSE The Illuminati (Illuminati Exposed)


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  1. Yogi says:

    RIP michael loved your music.

  2. "They" have no right to breathe and live life for what they said about MJ and what they did to MJ!  :'(  :(

  3. Oh please!!! What about Michael's children, and what about his future grand children, and what about his family!!??!?

  4. "They" were greedy!!!  "They used Michael for his money and stayed with him because he made way more money than any other entertainer in the world!

  5. What's with the terrible sound? I cant even hear properly what Michael's saying 🙁 Really frustrating…
    Why is his voice all robotic sounding?

  6. bad things happen in 3. Prince has already passed, so Kanye is next or Angelina Jolie?

  7. wake up says:

    Why are americans paying taxes to mind control and use directed energy weapons (V2K, remote neural monitoring, microwaving, scalar, sound) and gang stalking on innocent targeted individuals? These weapons can't be seen or traced and the victims are left with little recourse. The media, politicians, and psychiatry all cover and are complicit in allowing this torture.,,,,

  8. WG00 says:

    here he risked his life to tell people something very important how many people will take it seriously when it comes from a singer himself that is telling people that music is part of black magic.

  9. mr iron lung says:

    wow the Michael Jackson phone call was a eye opener for sure

  10. when you end your prayers saying "amen " actually gives strength to the acended master amenra

  11. David H. says:

    MJ was full of shit

  12. is this fella dead yet? i dunno but? I'm pretty sure he's on some kinda hit list. fingerz crossed he makes it because? don't we all just need 2 wake up?!!?

  13. Poor thing was destroyed by demons… once they come in, they are hard to get out. Wasn't his fault, I know how those evil things like to manipulate
    Gods children, believe me. They are destroyers, May Michael be in heaven with the Lord, he had a sweet heart ~

  14. white rose says:

    Respect michael jackson people ….michael work day/night for fan…worthed respect!

  15. Sony is Illuminati ??

  16. A McDowell says:

    where is he know

  17. fnutboy says:

    Kiddie fiddler….I couldn't give a shit.

  18. Michael à dit ceci gardons nôtre esprit en éveil et restons dans la bienveillance le reste c'est de endoctrinement du cerveau the king of pop invincible until next messiah ???????

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