Watch THIS Before Joining The Illuminati (Illuminati Exposed) (2016)


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  1. Heather Page says:

    The man speaking at 4 51 is no other the the devil and if you listen to anonymous they are trying to save us they are the angels please if anyone wood won't to talk about what I just said just get in touch with me god bless you all and please don't be fooled by the evil in this world the devil won't to take us all with him win has to go to hell the place win the devil talks about at 451 he is tell you about hell that it was made for him but he wants to take you with him

  2. this look like some shit they show you on a big screen in a room in Hollywood when you first make it you about to sign your soul over.. this shit is creepy?✔

  3. AD Solo says:

    have faith in jesus christ!!!

  4. captain42979 says:

    We need stop listening to there music and make our own. We pay there bills by buying there movies and music

  5. Heather Page says:

    the guy at 4 51 is the devil himself just look and listen to what he says

  6. captain42979 says:

    why call them the illuminatti? They are not enlightened, why not call them a satanist that is the right labeling. They know who they are serving there is no grey area.

  7. "but they have one thing in common" they're all white.

    – ATTENTION all Christians and Catholics –
    !!!!!! Those of you who love God, Truth and Fact; SHARE this quick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Doggo says:

    Just joined the illuminati lmao

  10. joegun45 says:

    quit showing the Earth as a globe! The Earth is not a globe, it's a flat plane!

  11. THE ANCIENT says:

    These are only puppets to the 10 in which they puppets to the ONE if you find the Ten then you will see the ONE

  12. THE ANCIENT says:

    This is called there Covenant in which the symbolic meaning is not limited to one group of followers but many and they shall come together for the ONE that they been waiting for and he's already being in dwelled right before our eyes

  13. Edd Ryan says:

    satin dosent come to you with horns and a fork! he comes to you with everything you always wanted!.

  14. Who is the retired FBI agent??? What a brave soul, like Julian Assange, a true patriot. Thank you for making this video hopefully it wakes some people up. I love your comments on their evil cheesy video! Please if anyone knows the agents name. I don't want to sound totally nuts when I tell people about this so any info is helpful, this needs to continue with attention until Pizza Gate is exposed and these sickos are taken down. We know where they are going when they die but we need to try Nd get the word out for the children I can't bear to think of without shedding tears or throwing up.

  15. Edd Ryan says:

    go back to hell illuminati..!

  16. Edd Ryan says:

    people dont understand! we only live on earth for a short while.. you can have all the fame cars houses wat ever makes ya happy.. its wat happens after that realy matters… belive in god death is not the end..

  17. Iris J. says:

    These people don't care about what Jesus promises in the after life only thing they care about is money and earthly things here on earth they love the parties they love the booze the women cars and liquor but at the end it's only temporary they'll give up their souls for man and will regret it on judgment day once you turn to the other side you won't have the ability to find the light ever again

  18. yeah, they're paying the radical muslims and arab mercs to cause chaos and destruction….which is why they let them in europe and bomb middle eastern countrys as an excuse to let illegals in.

    i think all races should listen to this man(listen to alot of his vids his knowledge on these people is more than any1 i've listen to besides eustace)..
    he has all the knowledge u need to know about the banking/corp/oil/jesuits/occultic society info, and about how they are destroying the world or your country, controlling YOUR WTF HEALTH, he's very pissed off that the europeans are being duped into the fake judeo brand of christianity instead of the loving form of the real christianity. dumb asses helping the kabbalist/babylonian talmudist bankerites fake jews forment and fight in their wars for proffit and world domination. he brings facts from history about them since no one wants to research on the net but prefer to watch the zionazi kabbalist babylonian talmudist sabbatean khazar liberal commi new outlets…and they own 97% of all media on tv. churchhill,lennin, trotsky, genrick yagoda,kissenger,jacob frank,rothschild,soros,schiff,warburgs…were behind all the puppets in russia or stalin when they killed 50 mill russians,10 mill ukrainians,1 mill armenians(with the help of arab mercs or radical muslims), serbs(help from arab mercs&radical muslims), palastinians,3 mill germans, 50 million fighting in the wars, supposedly behind mao who killed 60 million chinese, the president who dropped the bomb on japan was a freemason under their orders, many 100s of thousands being killed in the middleeast arab christians etc. columbus was spaniard/half crypto jew(khazarian//spaniard)…the military sadly followed orders but maybe because they infiltrated many other countrys and controlled their they had to follow orders. queen and pope were replaced by crypto satanists long ago. use yur internet to learn all this important shit. .
    xxx xxxx
    rockefellar and the bankers own all the shares in big pharma which means poison pills and meds, flouride water to keep ya docile and unintrested or passive. xxxxx
    xxxxx xxxx
    xxx i'd provide 100s if not 1000s of links to back these two links up but save ME THE TIME AND RESEARCH THIS YURSELF I SPEND TO MUCH OF MY TIME TRYING TO WAKE PEOPLES UP BUT PEOPLE STILL KEEP REGURITATING BULLSHIT…FUCKIN STOP!. maybe there scared to lose a job idk….get with it plz or yur countrys and economies and even yur race WILL BE DOOMED. xxxx
    xxxxx this isn't for law abiding jews it's against the lawbreakers in power so hate against someone who obeys normal law shouldn't be messed with…thats against gods law btw. xxx xxxxxx infiltration,bribery,inside info….if they didn't get inside info in which they do that would mean they're smart…to bad the evidence is out there…its easy to infiltrate with trillions/billions to get the top spots in economy/government/"the system" in a countrys society. good piece about mind control…hollywoods waking up thanks to me, lets all pray for kanye to overcome this he's fighting it..he's becoming a good man, prolly. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    xxxxxx . xxxxxxxxx
    xxxxxxx xxxxx
    xxx .

    these links i posted are real gems, i sifted and chiseled through the intenet for hourse on end months on end in search of these well spoken facts and exposure on these wicked elites, so go on and have a look so you know wassup

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