WCW World War 3 – OSW Review 59


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  1. Sean Bailey says:

    Holy shit wasn't expecting Broken Sword to show up.

  2. ToyTube TVT says:

    is this a reupload?

  3. elltell1990 says:

    Hogan pulling that shit on the Observer magazine that was so critical of him was like when Roland Emmerich created those Roger and Ebert parody characters for his Godzilla movie to make the real life ones look stupid.

    Petty bullshit against those (rightly) critical of you!

  4. A new OSW video out on Youtube? yeah! Yeah! YEAH!

  5. lads! some kind of yetaaaaaaaaaaaay t shirt please?! I'd buy one!!

  6. Adam Sanford says:

    OSW!!!! I love your videos!! keep up the good work guys! What BAAAR is he?

  7. gluesniffer2 says:

    goddamn Luger selling is so awesome :)

  8. tfk260 says:

    YA FUCKIN ANIMALS!!!! love your vids

  9. in mick foley voice long live osw review long live osw review

  10. ToyTube TVT says:

    Torture Rack ended off with a GTS would be stellar!

  11. ToyTube TVT says:

    pretty sure that was the first PPV Flair match I've ever seen Where he didn't bust out the crimson mask! wow!

  12. Sharp says:

    I love you lads

  13. dbag0584 says:

    Thank You OSW. You guys are great

  14. MrMikehunt87 says:

    Damn you for making Lex Luger awesome

  15. legit got a stitch from laughing so hard

  16. Flair was never eliminated!!

  17. blackstar15 says:

    OSWReview I have an idea for a story arc the death of WCW aka the nwo story arc from the Eric bischoff jack knife powerbomb off the stage to nwo 2000 you love it

  18. SaskRider2 says:

    Lex's selling is so stellar, he could sell me 50 cents for a dollar.

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