We are one step away from world war 3 and the media is mostly silent


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  1. Adam Smith says:

    I think the Russian drills, diplomatic recalls, apocalyptic outbursts are more about influencing domestic and foreign opinion. Foreign: to help Trump, and who could blame them. A Clinton POTUS is bad for everyone. As well as an attempt to neuter neo-Con insanity re Syria. And domestic: to increase Russian ppls support for Putin, as a leader defending Russia from a dangerous, hostile West. Regardless, it doesn't mean Russia isn't correct, for all of us, in fearing a Clinton future.

  2. Clinton and Trump being runner up as commander in chief shows just how screwed up the US government is. If this were any other country the US would be there to invade and conquer claiming democracy

  3. Let's not forget this madness is being done by someone who won a Nobel Peace Prize. Sadly ironic, isn't it?

  4. balboa says:

    Dont twist and lie about Clinton not wanting to talk diplomacy with russia! You make lies that trump will talk to russia as diplomat, that is false! You know that Hilary would talk any moment to putin no questions asked if it needs to be done and she will do it more professional than trum any day!!! Trum has business in russia and the only thing that he is gonna talk with russia is his PRIVATE business!!! You completely twist the contest to manipulate the information against Clinton, that is your private twisted opinion!
    Your channel is good thou, like the content only just that on some facts your so wrong that makes it questionable…
    RESEARCH CHINAS 9-DASH line conflict before you talk about Japanese and US help to shoot down China plane!!! China is invading 9 neighboring countries right now and you think everyone will not notice and be happy about it???

  5. DEFCON warning system LEVEL 3

  6. Noah Person says:

    I hope when they bomb america they at least use up to date maps.
    I don't want to get vaporized because Bethlehem Steel was in business 30 years ago.

  7. nadine isat says:

    ww3 is happening. war in ever corner of earth bombings invasions by world leaders. what unless usa and peacefull places arent being bombed the world isnt in ww3?chemical weapons were supplyed to isis to cause FAULSE FLAG to have a reason to kill assaud /. it has not worked. they did same thing in iraq afganistan libia and now building asian armies? in phillapines

  8. Night_Fiend6 says:

    I fucking called that the USA was funding ISIL a year ago. They did the same in Afghanistan the 70s because they were a Russian ally.

  9. what accent is that? I facking love it lol

  10. Your comparison re WW2 not using WMD between UK and Germany cannot be transposed to current situation. Was a nuclear weapon used in WW2? YES; not once but TWICE. Was is the UK / Germany who fired the nukes off? NO; IT WAS THE USA. Who is the one moving nukes closer to Russia? THE USA. PUTIN IS WISE TO TELL HIS PEOPLE TO PREPARE FOR NUKES. History shows the USA is NOT AFRAID TO USE NUKES AGAINST ITS "ENEMIES". Enjoyed your approach and monologue, Vee. However, recheck your thinking re 'conventional war' versus 'nuclear war' – Scripture says Christ declares that if Christ does not intervene in a future global war that NO HUMAN BEING WILL SURVIVE. The descriptions of this future war sounds like the affects of nukes (face melting while person standing etc). WW3 – is THIS the prophesied time of horror in Scripture?? Take care, my friend.

  11. Michael Roix says:

    I assume the UN will get involved too and against Russia

  12. sframe1978 says:

    I support Trump because while I don't trust Putin as far as I can throw him at the same time I don't see the point in purposely picking at Russia and trying to create a conflict with them. We have no business in the Syrian conflict and we should be helping Russia stomp out ISIS not fighting them, ISIS is horrible and are murders. Now I am under no delusion Russia is supporting Syria for their own personal gains, but at the same time I don't feel it is the US business to interfere with their affairs. I don't understand why Russia can't just stay in their area and mind their own business and why the US can't stay in it's area and mind it's own business. I hate power hungry politicians no matter where they come form the US or Russia or anywhere else.

  13. joy grampp says:

    I think you are right on target friend.

  14. stack0413 says:

    Hope to God that Putin doesn't strike during the election cause Obama signed an executive order saying in a time of war he can declare martial law and stay in power

  15. Getting elected, is abusing the democratic system?!

  16. Russia at least cares enough for its citizens to have civil defense drills, which is more than the U.S. government can say for itself.

  17. Hunnia says:

    I do not understand why people think nukes will not be involved

  18. kyle smith says:

    Whats scary is when they get the mass citizens on their side against you guys, the people of the world have to say NO to this war when it comes including American people! its been a 100 years since the last purge, does it happen naturally? globalist have to be stopped, every country needs its own infrastructure to trade freely between other country's in which they wanna trade with. I'm an American and i don't want this war. I guess im lucky to be a poor American, if the economy crashes ill have nothing to lose. Ive started stockpiling books and educational literature, people would find out the hard way when they don't have google and wikipedia to win arguments and how long to cook their chicken. Take it as a grain of salt tho.

  19. Putin is making it seem like he's ready to go to war so that americans get scared & vote for trump, knowing trump likes putin, & putin dislikes hillary, who will continue our action in syria, which he wants for himself. Russia would not win a war with NATO, let alone the US

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