“We Haven’t Seen Anything Like This Since World War Two!” John Kerry At Syria Peace Talks



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  1. Yeah Kerry, and you wont see WWII coming until you start WWIII.

  2. Kerry wants the pipeline and that's it.

  3. Kerry was born in CO on Dec 11th 1943. At 2 years old I doubt he using the word "WE" plural didn't see a thing of WWII from Colorado.

    Note to readers. Gaddafi's Daughter in Exile is reforming the Gaddafi Government. Whereas before the US in violation of International Law threw out Gaddaif to install a Central Bank and LOOT Libya's 144 Tons of Gold. As Gaddafi was removing North Africa from the US Dollar and switching to the Gold Dinar.

    Iraq: Young American boys are not defending America by going 1000's of mile away to disarm the same WEAPONS that Hillary and Obama gave those US Proxy forces aka "Moderate Rebel's" in Libya and Iraq, Jordan and Qatar in violation of the Lugar-Obama Bill signed by War Criminal Bush in 2008. READ THE BILL!

    This would include but not limited to the 20,000 Missing Missiles from Libya as well as all the Arms sent to Drug Cartel's in Mexico and the Middle East.

    Point to ponder as Americans:
    1. Using over $700 Million dollars the US trained and armed ISIS. (FACT) As a Proxy force used as a Premise to re-INVADE those countries who KICKED OUT their US Puppet rulers.

    2. New York can't afford to buy fucking Snow Plows/Sanders that cost $140,000 ea. Nor train them for snow removal.

    3. 300,000 Veterans have died because of lake of VA Medical and Mental health services.

    4. The remains of 274 Marines were DUMPED in a Virgina LANDFILL. Couldn't afford that either I guess.
    Kissinger: "Military men are DUMB STUPID ANIMAL'S to be used a PAWNS in US Foreign policy.

    5. Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen etc have NEVER attacked the United States. So the premise of "National Security" is MUTE here.

    6. "Evil Muslim's?" Since WWII the United States (Though never attacked) Korea > Forward comprised of a predominately "Christian" Military has killed nearly 30,000,000 people (Mainly Civilian's) this would also include the Rape Torture and like in MY DAY the Vietnam War and the Cutting off of EARS for BEER which would include Testicles as well as throwing bound "alleged" VC out of Helicopters (For FUN). Then we have the Afghan STRYKER TEAM who killed Afghan KID's for FUN.

    7. The horrors of the US and it's alleged Allies (Israel, Saudi's, UK etc) Who actively bomb Hospitals, UN Centers as well as centers for the Blind in Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen and of course Gaza.

    8: Wars are all about who's currency to use. i.e. Buy French Wine (Pay in US Dollars) Buy Oil (Pay in US Dollars) so as more Countries drop the US Dollar, GMO food as well as the failing US economy from Million's of out-sourced job's so that Corporate America can get SLAVE LABOR as well as the destruction of Union's and Civil Right's leaders who ORGANIZE the people. This same MO is repeated in the US sponsored genocides of East Timor, Guatemala, Central and So. Americas Drug Wars. All Outlined in the video here on YouTube called the Shock Doctrine!

    Just as Gaddafi was turning the whole of N. Africa into an Oasis via the GMR Water Project which was NATO's FIRST TARGET. So in conclusion… The US and its allies (sic) always bomb INFRASTRUCTURE only. Power, Water, Sewer and so on. Chirchill in WWII used this in the Allied bombing of Germany targeting over 50 German Cities full of German Civilian's. WHY? Hitler was Time Magazine's MAN OF THE YEAR in 1938. WHY? During the Great Depression Hitler dropped the WORLD BANKS freeing German's of all that ODIOUS DEBT from WWI and thus put MILLIONS of German's back to work. See: Judea Declares WAR on Germany and read the FIRST COLUMN VERY CLOSE (IMAGE) You'll notice in that scan that only 300,000 Jew's lived in Germany during that period of time.

    Propaganda Sell''s WARS!
    Demographically speaking… ALL PEOPLE are the same. No matter what country they live in. Governments are the CAUSE of all problems. Just as in the early 1900's to 1960 the US immigrants were mainly Germans. (Catholic's) So what does it take to get American (Catholic's to kill their Spiritual Brethren in Germany?) Propaganda. Just as in Russia today who are predominately Christian Orthodox so what does it take to get Americans to kill fellow Christians? PROPAGANDA!

    Oh Hell, Here's a side note: While Russia was bust with the Sochi Olympic's the US (Victoria Nuland i.e. FUCK THE EU) Used $5,000,000,000 US Tax Dollars to overthrow the democratically elected government of Kiev, Ukraine. In which the people of Crimea under International law voted to succeed from that US Junta and become a independent STATE . Further in a second VOTE (Demographic's) As most in Ukraine since the fall of the Soviet Union are all PRO-RUSSIAN so they voted a second time to rejoin their Mother Russia.

    Crimea is a PORT and all one has to do is look up the GDP of the UKRAINE and see What the US MAFIA is after.

    Have a good day.
    I bet Common Core didn't teach you that?

  4. babaloo42 says:

    Kerry talks and talks but he never says anything.

  5. Char99 says:

    Partially because of the US government fueling the civil war in Syria.

  6. The same people that brought chaos in Iraq wants to bring peace in Syria.
    If you believe this, I have Swiss Casio to sell you on Ebay.

  7. Juan Pasos says:

    turky genocide Syrian

  8. Joh Bobby says:

    Kerry bullshit ….. The refugee return to their home will not find any door I don't think their home wall are still standing …

  9. dan d says:

    eat shit you fucking liar

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