We Must Risk Everything


By Jim Kirwan

If we want to save ourselves from oblivion, then we must finally face the facts that clearly show us that we must change our behavior toward zero-tolerant governments and the world; if we want to survive to live another day.

Steel may be strong but it is inflexible and does not create the kind of internal security which enables life to survive in a world beset with risks of all kinds.

When I was a boy I shot an arrow into a clear summer sky, to watch it rise as far as I could send it. The upward arc was absolutely beautiful until it reached the zenith of its journey, where its’ fall began. I turned away only to suddenly hear a human-scream from several hundred yards away. It seems my arrow had landed at a point where the neck met the back of a man mowing his lawn: Fortunately the wound was not life-threatening, (it was just a target arrow ­ and not the steel-tipped razor-sharp hunting arrow I chose not to use) but the lesson I learned has lasted a lifetime. Everything that goes up must come down! And that is where we all are today-just waiting for that economic arrow to come back to earth.

There is a self-destruct device implanted in that global-economic arrow that could avert this crisis permanently, that would be for the corporations and the governments that together created all this debt should own it all and declare bankruptcy. The debt would vanish, but so would the rest of the lives of those that created it, some would be charged and executed, others would be jailed for life and most would simply vanish into oblivion of a penniless existence: Which is why that ‘solution’ is not even being discussed.

There is another choice for us and that is that we must change our attitude toward the self-declared powers that be. We must bring to an immediate halt everything that is now referred to as “just-policy.” These ‘on-the-fly’ made-up regulations that have over-ridden all our ‘settled-laws’ are illegal on their face and completely criminal in their practices and their affects upon the people of this world-wherever in the world those people might be living now. To do that is to literally RISK everything that we have heretofore failed to consider whenever we are confronted with the thugs that enforce the tyranny of the self-appointed owners of this nearly enslaved planet. (1)

In the article and the video I just footnoted, the core of our problems comes from the fact of the deliberate destruction of the roots of all societies. That destruction that has been going on since the West murdered 59 million of the natives that lived here, and went on to become the global-outlaw nation that we have now become. In that process all people have become little more than the Children of the Dust Wind driven from point to point in a wilderness of nothingness that can no longer support life or anything beyond the Police-State. “The economy is the crisis,” and resolving it will take nerve and determination by each and every person that wants to survive this cataclysmic nightmare; which has always been the case but until now too few have understood the gravity of what we now must face!

“Entertainment’ inside this phantasmagoric scenario is discussed. But like everything else ‘entertainment’ is supposed to be interactive between the thoughts of the individual and the entertainment offered. Entertainment today is not interactive it is focused on “OBEYING all AUTHORITY” with no exceptions. This is the sole link left that we must find, to formally and forever break with the self-appointed criminals; if we are to ever get to the confrontation that can free us all. We must no longer fear RISK; we must embrace it! The illustration shows this by having the concept of stability converted into a vertical steel I-beam that supports the ever-elusive ball of RISK, but makes no guarantees available to those who understand the relationship between RISK and STABILITY in the wider world that all of us must always share. As the video states:

“Entertainment is a vital need. It is a disintegrated society that survives by propagating an epidemic of entertainment. There is no ‘clash of civilizations.’ There is a clinically dead civilization kept alive by life-support machines spreading poisons through the air. ‘To go on waiting is madness.’ Sixty years of pacification and democratic anesthesia have dulled our perception of the real.

Every act of government is a way of not losing control. But governing is only postponing by a thousand subterfuges that moment when the crowd will hang you.” This is followed on the video by actual confrontations wherein the police are beaten back from London to Rome and elsewhere . . . (1)

To grasp the totality of what is about to happen please watch this abbreviated crystallization of what’s about to begin. (2)

Then watch or read what the Rage and Outrage might indicate if we do not begin to change our approach to these self-appointed owners, of most of the people on this planet. (3)

There is very little time left for any of us that were not chosen to be part of what will supposedly survive the coming collapse: Please spend some time and think about what your really think about all of this madness and then act upon what you can do to change the outcome, before it is completely beyond the control of most of us. . .


1) The Coming Insurrection ­ A Final Warning to governments around the world ­ see the enclosed 5 min 47 sec video

2) Ethical Collapse a Mathematical Certainty ­ Top 5 Places Where Not to Be 13 min video

3) Rage & Outrage Are Waiting ­ with video

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