Webster Tarpley : Next False Flag Terror Attack will be Blamed on Pakistan to start World War 3


This is bad shit, Pakistan will cut the supply lines up from the Indian Ocean & through Pakistan , 200K troops cut-off like Stalingrad. Can’t resupply from air, can’t have an air evacuation due to logistics and hostile air space. Many are now fuzzy on whats going on, so that is a major step from not believing the truth . ANYONE who thinks for one moment that we could ever just waltz into Pakistan (under the pretense of securing their nukes) lives in la-la land. Pakistan would be/will be an admirable opponent. It wouldn’t be like any war we’ve so far fought in that region; it would be absolute madness and mayhem…and that’s an understatement! Albert Pike’s plan for WW3



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  1. Mlaysia says:

    Hopefully,the good hearted will survive and see the final truth of God after the killing of antiChrist/Dajjal

  2. Wendell Wattford says:

    Some feel that the Bin Laden killed was the same ’bin laden’ used for the fake confession Bin laden tapes after 9/11. He was called ”fatty bin Laden”. He was set up in a safe house with wives etc. to be used whenever necessary. Now he has been killed and the loose ends have been taken care of. PakAlert should issue an alert and request to readers in Pakistan to investigate the people behind the property where ”bin laden” was killed; whether owners or renters, to see if they were somehow connected to Americans or other foreigners. Some Pak intelligence people would have to be involved in this – appeal to them to out this information before they too are disposed of, and before pakistan is decimated by war with the US

  3. Malik says:

    I agree with Lucky St Luis. American people are not bad people. Living within them, I found them most kind, gentle and humane. However their actions and thoughts are being controlled by media. I feel that they need help just like the rest of the world population, in hearing and getting the truth. If it was up to the people of all the nations and not the media, bankers and corporations than the world would be in much better shape and in peace.

  4. Nomad says:

    Set Pakistan up to be the bad guys. Force them into action against the “West” and in so doing they will isolate the “Western” forces in Afganastan to fight a heroic fight to survive. It’ll be like Bataan, The fall of Singapore and the Alamo all rolled into one. 200,000 US, UK, Canadian, Australian, NZ and NATO troops and many thousands of International Contractors, cut off and isolated. Hows THAT for an excuse to go to war against all these Middle Eastern, Nth African and Asian countries??

  5. Abid says:

    Well, I still dont understand “Osama:the most wanted person for american”, caught by american and killed but they didnt show any evidence of his death. Inspite they burried him in sea for reason nothing. It clearly seems to be a false flag like they did in 9/11 for afganistan but this time its we pakistan. Pakistani army should be prepared for it by leaving all past history relationships made by dictators for the sake of their greed. This time we need our true spirit to fight with this evil and all the nation should get together to kick their asses

  6. well, we had a lot of suggestions in the past and always it came a bit different. This is because nobody really understands the background of politics, corporations and bankers. The power game of high finance seeking for expansion and total control is the master and all is subsequently a stream of reactions painted with believes, frases of democracies and military action…. not even the US is a true enemy but a broken overdebted prostitute seeking for survival like the British. As long as nobody want to refuse our stinky money systems humanity will be driven into many actions of demencia, nuclear war included and much worst things than this. So please dont put oil on the wrong fire everybody, we need unity and global action against the root of all evil and madness.

  7. Roman Ahsan says:

    Pakistan should cut off NATO supplies PRONTO!!!

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